You have a personal choice to make everyday as to how you keep your savings.  Do you keep it in cash?  Stocks or bonds?  Do you keep it in a CD or in a savings account at the bank?  Or do you keep it in physical gold?  When you keep it in physical gold, in your possession, you have essentially removed your money from the system; a system in which you have no control, a system that is manipulated by central bankers and the federal government.

There is a fundamental difference between physical gold and paper assets (or digits on a screen).  One is a physical piece of gold that has intrinsic value, and has had value for over 5,000 years.  On the other end of the spectrum is wealth that is stored as digits in an electronic account in a computer system.  If the dollar collapses only one of these is safe.

The way our government is treating the economy today is massively irresponsible.  The more money the government prints, the more the value of the dollar is eroded.  It has become obvious over the past few years that the irresponsibility has run rampant.  From the dealings of Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers to the failure of BP to buy a part that could have prevented the mess in the gulf.  In the world we live in it has clearly become all about the money.  Do you trust these types of people to have your best interest in mind?  I think not.

If you own physical gold you are saying I don’t trust the government and the Federal Reserve.  If you have money in the system you are supporting that system.  Now I am not suggesting that you pull everything out and live off the grid, but I am saying that everyone should own some physical gold for financial insurance.  Sure you will probably see great gains by many experts’ expectations, but it is more about protecting what you already have, and building wealth as secondary.

He who controls the assets has the power.  Gold coins in your hand or numbers in your bank account, which one is safer?  Which one will you choose?  Weigh your options, do your research and decide for yourself what makes most sense.