Gold has been used for centuries and millennium as both currency and as an obvious display of wealth. In essence, gold still functions in those manners today. In addition to still being money and still being flashy, gold is good for a few other things you may not be aware of. Here are a few modern uses for gold; some are almost obvious while others are not.

Dentistry Has Found Modern Uses For Gold.

Gold is biocompatible. What this really means is that pure gold and the human body get along well together. Gold does not like to chemically react. Gold likes to stay pure. As a result, gold is not toxic to the human body because gold keeps to itself and does not poison the human body.

modern uses for gold; dentistry

Some people love dentists and other people think that dentists are sadists. While I’m sure both groups of people could put together a strong argument, the fact is people need dentists. Just as people need dentists, dentists need skills and tools and training. While you may already know about the modern uses for gold as a filling for cavities and the modern uses for gold as a metal to form dental pieces such as bridges and crowns, you may not know why gold is used.

In the early 16th century you could have dentures and replacement teeth meticulously carved out of wood. The “dentist” would take casts and impressions in beeswax, and then start carving. Perhaps I need not state the problems associated with having wooden teeth. Modern uses for gold create demand: what is the current demand for wooden teeth?

Modern Uses For Gold: Dentistry
At Room Temperature Mercury Is A Liquid Metal. At Slightly Higher Temperatures Mercury Vaporizes.

Mercury is also used in dentistry. There are different types of mercury. There is the type of mercury you don’t want in fish, and there is the type of mercury you don’t want in your thermometer. If you ever broke a thermometer as a kid and your parent didn’t take it away from you, you probably spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the funny room temperature metal; at least until it vaporized in your palm.

The type of mercury that vaporizes in your palm is the same type of mercury that dentists mix with silver and copper to make fillings. In fact, about 50% of that mixture is elemental mercury. Even the FDA says mercury fillings give off a vapor that affects the kidneys and brain. The FDA also says not to remove them because the removal process exposes you to more mercury vapor.

Gold does not give off poisonous vapors that rot your brain like a hatter. The term mad as a hatter exists for a reason. Check out this link about mad hatter’s disease. Alice in Wonderland had mushrooms, little bottles of liquid, and a Mad Hatter.

Modern Uses For Gold: Dentistry

According to Colgate and the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, the modern uses of gold in dentistry create the ultimate tooth filling. Gold fillings last longer than all other filling materials, and gold will not corrode. Gold fillings will not give off a vapor that makes you see Cheshire cats either.

Modern Uses For Gold: Aerospace.

Aerospace industries are growing by leaps and bounds. Elon Musk is in Aerospace. Jeff Bezos is in aerospace. Richard Branson is in aerospace. If we just forget about the fact that you cannot build a laptop computer or a smartphone, much less a spaceship, without gold in the electronic circuitry, there are still several other modern uses for gold in aerospace.

modern uses for gold: aerospace
Gold Is Used In Aerospace To Reflect Radiation And Infrared Energy.

For instance, gold redirects solar radiation and energy. A thin layer of gold on an astronaut’s helmet will keep the radiation from blinding the astronaut and causing burns to the face. In a similar manner, a thin layer of gold on a polyester film will protect satellites and spacecraft from not only the detrimental effects of solar radiation, but the film also stabilizes the temperature of the spacecraft bettering longevity and habitation.

Gold in aerospace is also used as a structural coating and a lubricant. Oils and grease break down and freeze in space. Other types of options that work well on Earth simply vaporize once you take them to the weightlessness of space. The modern uses for gold in aerospace include lubrication because gold seems to slip pretty easily against itself in the weightlessness of space, which is somewhat ironic since on Earth gold is very heavy and not often thought of as slippery. Modern uses for gold include slippery aerospace gold used to lubricate and protect expensive spacecraft.

Modern Uses For Gold: Your Financial Portfolio.

Gold still has very modern uses as a currency. In every country around the globe, you can find gold exchange rates because currencies are valued against gold to this day. Private gold can also help you protect generational wealth. To learn more about private gold and using it to protect generational wealth, please speak with a senior analyst at ITM Trading. ITM Trading is here to be of service.

Moder Uses For Gold: Dentistry