I have been a client of ITM Trading and another well known major gold broker (intentionally un-named) since 2005. The service I’ve received from ITM Trading has been significantly better from the start. My portfolio manager at ITM spent countless hours over the years explaining the gold market and economic trends. I also received periodic portfolio reviews from ITM which clearly communicated the value of my investments. My manager at the other gold broker simply offered advice on coins to buy. My most recent experience with the difference between both companies came when I found myself in a position where I needed to sell some of my dated coins. The first coin I sold was a coin I bought from the other gold broker. I was able to sell it locally for $200 more than the other gold broker was willing to offer. My next experience with the other gold broker was with the time it took to receive payment for coins I shipped to them. There was a two week waiting period between when the coins were received and the payment was sent. When I sold coins to ITM, I was pleased to know that payment for the coins was sent the same day the coins were received. In my mind ITM Trading beats other gold brokers hands down.”

Mark D
Summerville, South Carolina