A-Mark-Precious-Metals-IncFor three consecutive days leading up to last night’s highly anticipated presidential debate, gold traded in an uninspired $13 range.  Market participants had taken chips off the table with the expectation that a clear winner of the debate could potentially cause a knee jerk reaction in other markets.  While most polls had Hillary Clinton slightly winning last night, the market was largely disappointed with the debate overall.  Gold traded in only a $6 range during the debate and then with Hillary emerging ahead after it, it sold off for the remainder of the trading session.  Gold is approaching a tightening wedge formation from upward (dating back to Dec 2015) and downward (dating back to July 2016) sloping trendlines with $1,315 – $1,345 as the defined range.  The debate from last night combined with the Fed still looking to raise interest rates may have us test the lower end of that range in the next week.