Give your investment portfolio power by keeping it simple! It is common knowledge within the investment community that diversifying one’s portfolio is the key to a bright financial future.  Diversification spreads risk across many assets so if one part of the portfolio is down, hopefully another part of the portfolio is up.  The same can be said when investing in precious metals, diversity is king.  For this reason we recommend keeping your precious metals investments simple and putting your money to work in three different products within the precious metals asset class, two gold and one silver: American Gold Eagle     American Silver Eagle     $20 Liberty Gold Coin      

By spreading your investment over these three products you will have exposure to gold bullion, silver bullion as well as some numismatic value in the pre-1933 $20 Liberty coins, giving you asset protection as wells as growth potential.  Why these three products?

1.    All three of these coins were minted in the United States and are guaranteed for their gold/silver content 2.    All three are very liquid, recognized all over the world and are some of the most popular coins on the market today in their respective categories 3.    All three have performed well over the last 12 years 4.    All three give protection against banking and currencies crises as well as stock market volatility 5.    Our $20 Liberties are graded by PCGS or NGC adding another layer of security because these third party grading companies guarantee them for authenticity and quality 6.    US Liberty gold coins at times provide extra leverage to the gold market due to their numismatic value which can increase profit potential Silver is more volatile than gold as can be evidenced by its large swings up and down over the past 12 years, therefore gold will provide more stability.  It has been speculated by many experts that silver has the potential for higher gains than gold due to the historic gold/silver ratio averaging 16/1.  Just divide the gold spot price by the silver spot price to see where the ratio stands today.  It is easy to see why you may want to have both gold and silver in your portfolio. For these reasons we believe a diversified precious metals portfolio makes sense and we encourage everyone to be diversified.  As for what percent of your portfolio you should put in each category, we leave that up to you.  Everyone’s goals and objectives are different and therefore each portfolio will be unique.  For more information on each product please click each of the products above.