We will wrap up this three part series on some of the more interesting stories surrounding investing in rare gold coins by looking at the more unusual of these instances which centers around Mel Fisher. In the earlier pieces we discussed the Smithsonian Museum and it’s genesis from a gift of gold sovereign coins, and we looked at how Harry Bass assembled tens of millions of Dollars by buying many rare gold coins for less than $100 apiece. Perhaps the most unusual collector of rare gold coins is Mel Fisher, and I say this because he paid for his investing in gold gold coins with sweat, and no doubt tears and a little blood.

Mel Fisher, His Silver Bars, And Rare Gold Coins

Mel was not your typical millionaire. In fact, quite often he was not a millionaire, but someone on the brink of financial ruin, you see, Mel was a treasure hunter. He had an incurable case of gold fever, and to satiate himself he would spend weeks at a time on the seas and in the oceans looking for shipwrecks. He spent his own money, along with the small fortunes of investors that were brave enough to share his vision of investing in gold, and investing in rare gold coins, that lay at the bottom of the sea. Mel procured a boat, the “Southwind” and over the years this vessel and others were constantly fitted and re-fitted with improvements and inventions to aid in the recovery of sea-lost treasure, which included silver bars, gold artifacts, and rare gold coins. As you might expect, this operation was not inexpensive to fund, but Mel’s unmistakable passion and belief that “Today’s the day!” and the fact that rare gold coins and silver bars, along with gold treasure, are pure and unmistakable wealth, was enough to persuade investors to open up their checkbooks. I believe that if Mel had been seeking bones or pottery chards rather than rare gold coins and precious metals, he would have been much less successful gathering funds to further his life’s dream.

July 20th, 1985

On this sunny day in 1985, hard work, dreams and persistence paid off, and paid off big! Mel Fisher and his crew found the “Mother lode” of treasure that had been waiting under more than 100 feet of water since the Nuestra Senora de Atocha sank of the coast of what is now Key West, Florida in a hurricane back in 1622. The “Atocha” as she came to be known, was laden with gold coins, which had now become rare gold coins, silver bars, emeralds, and golden treasure. All told, over 40 tons of gold and silver, including some 1000 silver bars were found. At the time, estimates put the treasure’s value at over $450 million.

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