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Investing In Gold Coins

Blog Jan 28, 2014

Investing in gold coins in the United States is a somewhat new phenomenon. You see, when the U.S. Treasury was operating as our Founding Fathers originally intended, you never saw signs that said “Sell Gold Coins” or “Gold Coins For Sale”, and there really was no need for a book on gold coin prices, because U.S. gold coins and U.S. silver coins were the default money of the day and if you wanted to know what a gold coin was worth, it’s value was stamped right on the coin. Nowadays, however, the value of a U.S. Dollar is not static, it moves up and down because it is a “Fiat Currency”, or a currency that is backed by nothing. In theory, the Dollar is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government, however the the countries that used to invest in the United States (China and Japan) are now conspicuously absent from the Treasury auctions that happen frequently, and we are constantly hitting our “Debt Ceiling” which means we are realistically broke.

The Timeline Of A Fiat Currency

Historically, all Fiat Currencies end in failure and collapse. The average time for this collapse to take place is 100 years, and the U.S. Dollar in it’s current iteration is 80 years old. During this 80 year span, the U.S. Dollar has lost well over 90% of it’s purchasing power, or value as a currency. So much for faith and credit.

Gold Coins For Sale

As the effects of a devaluing Dollar become apparent to everyday people over time, they begin looking for an alternative to the Dollar. Once their research turns up the facts that were just shared with you in the above to paragraphs, you can usually find them googling “Gold Coins For Sale” or “Gold Coins” or “Sell Gold Coins” or “Gold Coin Prices”. While purchasing gold coins may seem simple and straightforward, these days it is not. There are two types of gold coins in the U.S. today, and the differences are defined by the IRS. After President Roosevelt called for the confiscation of U.S. Gold coins in 1933, there eventually became two types of U.S. Gold coins; public and private. For more information (and there is a lot more information on this topic) we suggest you spend some time speaking with an ITM Trading representative.

Gold Coin Prices

The price of gold relative to Dollars changes daily. There are several factors that determine gold coin prices, such as gold future contracts being bought and sold on Wall Street, actual supply and demand of gold coins, the type of U.S. Gold coin you wish to buy, or whether or not the U.S. Gold coin is of the public or private variety. If the gold coins for sale are of the private designation, then the rarity and quality of the coin can heavily influence the value and worth. If you would like to begin a conversation about owning gold coins, please call us, we are here to be of service.

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