12-6-17 Insider Trading: The Most Important Function of Bitcoin

We are now in the tenth week in the corporate sector buying pattern shift, with three sectors not buying this week. Consumer Services leads with a whopping Buy/Sell Ratio at $213.36 of selling for every $1 of buying, though Basic Industries and Business services are not far behind with $196.16 and $188.63 respectively.

Intel Corp is the individual stock examined this week. There has been zero insider stock buying over the last three months. Interesting, considering the stock moved up almost 30% during that period.

Perception management at work: Bitcoin has become the talk of the town and people are blinded by numbers. This gathers attention and acceptance, just what the bankers want. But they want us to ultimately accept digital currency as a fair value for our labor and standard tool of barter AND they want us to volunteer. Retail merchants provide this service and the required degree of distance. JP Morgan Chase provides a simple roadmap for the next phase of digital wallet (crypto currency) adoption.

But keep in mind that central bankers have experience with money standard shifts. They know things must appear “normal” to get our voluntary buy-in. They also want distance between their policy and public perception. In my opinion, this is the most important function of bitcoin.

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