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Insider Tips for the Coming System Reset/Crazy Times: Lynette Zang Opens Her Home to Daniela Cambone

The Daniela Cambone Show Nov 20, 2023

In this unique interview, Lynette gives an exclusive tour of her breathtaking property. She also invites us to discuss the importance of returning to our roots, building community and why we must think critically during this economic reset.

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Well, this is an incredible treat because today we finally met in person. I know, that’s the best part. Because people are surprised because, you know, we’ve been in this industry for very long. And yet we never met face to face despite all the interviews. And despite the fact that we’ve had many conversations about economics and whatnot, I never got to see the other side of what it’s. Oh yeah.

So to get a tour of your house today, to learn about what, you know, how you got started, how you got here. That’s what I want to see today. We’re going to learn about Lynette, learn about her lifestyle and why you feel it’s your mission to not just keep all this info for yourself, but you want to share it with the world. Yeah. I mean, a lot of people live like this because they live in fear, but.

what the reality is is if you live like this and you’re open then you have room for good stuff to come in. I think so many people are afraid to to kind of open those butterfly wings because but you trust people that’s the thing. I do. And I’m not saying I haven’t been burned. Right. I mean, but that’s not going to influence me because my mission on this earth is to share the gifts that I’ve been given. Oh my gosh.

This is so incredible. Thank you. It is surreal to me. I know it. It is to you too. It’s really you and Carson. I’m so glad to have you here. You have no idea. So welcome to my home. And you know, part of what’s been really beneficial to me is my uncle Al, right? Because he taught me how all tangible assets move. And you know, when you keep in mind that there are three legs to the dynastic well stool.

That’s rare collectibles, real estate, and gold. And you can do all three with gold. But I took his words to heart, and that’s basically what you’re seeing. So I’m gonna move these chairs only because this is so much fun. That’s wild! Did I tell you they’re like little piranha? Do you ever jump in and swim with them? Totally. And they’ll follow me around and stuff. I mean.

Yeah, you create relationships. This is pure, untreated water. Correct. That, if I had to drink it, I would put it through a Berkey water filter, but there’s no chemicals. I was gonna say, what kind of water does Lynette drink? The water here, I’ll show you when we go to the other side. Actually, when it comes on from the city, it goes through a structured water filter.

So all the plants, all the animals get really good water. And then in the house, I have a further filtration system through charcoal and all sorts of layers of stuff. So you can drink any of the water from any of the faucets anywhere on the property. I don’t know if you’ll be able to retire anytime soon. No. Because don’t you think things are just about to get crazier?

I 100% and I because I want to ask you about the mainstream media. I mean you’ve been sounding the alarm for so long, but now we have the mainstream guys like Jeffrey Goon lock who just came out saying, you know, the higher interest rate environment that the feds creating is going to create an economic crisis. I mean Ray Dalio sound sounding the alarm, Paul Tudor Jones, Jamie Diamond saying we’re about to enter the worst period that he’s seen in in decades.

forget about the selling of the JP Morgan stock. Right. Yeah. What do you make of this? That they’re all coming out now saying, you know, sounding the alarm saying, yeah, we might face an economic catastrophe here. Are you like, well, I’ve been saying this all along or? I mean, in reality, even though nobody else says this, I’ve been saying it since.

You know, again, I go back to in 2008, the system died and they put it on that morphine drip of free money. And they got everybody used to that free money. But if you look at the treasury, the 10 year treasury VIX, which they took away from us in 2016, you could absolutely see the transition into a trading market from a stable market, which was the price action, it was a dash.

right, which means that the price didn’t change very much on any given day, right? And then in 2008, that dash went to a little lines up and down. So you saw broader price action. And in 2013, that’s when they handed it over to Wall Street. And then the price action was going like this. And we had our first liquidity crisis in treasuries, which is the foundation of the global system in 2015.

And ever since 2015, there have been a number of liquidity issues in the treasury market. And that treasury market is so, this is supposed to be the largest and most liquid pool, right? And yet you can’t have traders selling larger blocks of treasuries. Okay. Right. And this is why you hear Jamie Dimon and all those guys coming out and saying it.

I do not like the action that I am seeing in the treasury bond market. Right, holding the lowest level of US treasuries. But yet Janet Yellen coming out saying, well, this is, you know, we have a strong economy. What’s her job? We really have to think about what these guys’ job is. Is she lying to the public? Yes, she is lying to the public. Because if she told the truth, people would make different choices.

When you absolutely know that the currency is dying, that’s what I absolutely know. I’ve been studying currencies and currency life cycles since 1987. I talk to some very brilliant people all the time and when I bring that up, this is what I always get. Oh yeah, we know about that. We just don’t talk about it, but that’s the issue. So- Well, and don’t you also get-

I mean, I’m sure you hear all the time, well, and now we’ve been hearing about the death of the dollar for so long, but you know, it’s king dollar, it just can’t happen to the US dollar. Yes, I hear that all the time, but what they knew when they created this system is that people marry the legal money of the state. So even though the dollar transitioned from at least the quasi gold back currency in 71 to a fully debt-based currency, if you look at the two bills…

when it was backed by gold and then when it wasn’t, they look almost identical and they didn’t change the name. And when we go into this next digital phase, what are they calling it? The digital dollar. Because then, I mean, I was there in 1971 and I appreciate my age because I lived it and I was old enough to not understand what was happening but to know what it felt like, what it smelled like, all the chaos around it.

the Vietnam War, the oil embargo, women’s lib, the civil rights movement, the falling stock market, the spiking interest rates, all of the chaos that we see happening right now, these are things that happen every single time they are shifting from one kind of currency into a new one. And so you’re looking over here or here or here or here or here.

and you’re not watching them transition into a new system. And then they also, when they do that, the other thing is they need to get eyes on it. So when you’re looking at the crypto world, right? That was about, in my opinion, that was about getting people used to and comfortable with this. They’ve been moving us to cash lists since the 50s when we had the first credit cards.

right, unsecured credit cards. So these things take time because when a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth speaker will seem insane. And that’s not an exact quote because I kind of goofed it up in there. But that’s the essence of it. So we’ve been also taught to think in shorter and shorter and shorter and shorter terms, right?

Oh, that was yesterday. That doesn’t mean anything. Well, Citizens Bank just went out, didn’t it? Fifth US bank. And it’s interesting. I’m glad you brought that up because people were saying to me, well, the bank run, it’s died now, right? You know, it’s over. No, it’s not over yet. And it infiltrates every single bank, whether they’re small, medium or large, it doesn’t matter because we had what?

all that time from 2008 until 2022 of zero interest rate policy where these big banks and other banks and other entities, the hands that really don’t care how much a bond is, accumulating like the Federal Reserve, accumulating all of this debt at zero interest rate, and now we’ve got interest rates that are going up.

fastest that they’ve done in whatever and what are you seeing you’re seeing the system break But because the guys that create the derivatives the bets against all of this stuff They they control the issue they control all of it in every area, right? So they can hide a lot of what’s happening until they can’t or until it becomes too expensive And you know when it becomes too expensive When it impacts you in me

because we are not too big to fail. We’re just the right size. But if we come together in community, now we have the opportunity to take back our power. Because if we sit back and just allow it, oh, well, they’re the central banks, they can just do anything they want. Well, they can only do that if we let them do that. So how do you stop them? Well, number one, you don’t believe the lies anymore. That’s the biggest paradigm shift.

and you buy physical gold and silver, because that’s what they’re doing for themselves, but they don’t want you to do it because they want to retain their choices on the other and their power on the other side of this mess. And you become as independent and self-sufficient as possible. And we come together in local communities and then bigger communities and then global communities, because this isn’t a dollar issue. Right.

I went to Australia for this purpose. Right. And then that you’re at a gold, you’re at a gold. The gold and silver summit, Carrie Stevenson. Yes. And it was, it was really fabulous. And these were all gold miners and things like that. And I, I did my little dog and pony and had all this material and all of that. Right. But then after that, yeah, I had two events with Good as Gold Australia. Right. And those were an evening with me. Right.

So I had all of this beautiful stuff prepared, but I got up to the podium and I threw it all out because I realized in that moment, number one, if they wanted that, they can go on YouTube and see it, right? But in that moment, I realized that what I really need to be talking about is coming together in community. So I mean, that is why I went because we don’t do business there. So it wasn’t about business,

I’m starting to find my voice and I realize we need to come together. More than ever. Oh. Well, because I was going to ask you, the headlines, I mean, despite what’s happening in the economic world, monetary policy falling apart.

look at global tensions. Oh, right. It’s all part of it, right? So I was gonna say, like, you mean you surround yourself with beauty. I mean, do you feel, I mean, are you terrified by what you’re seeing? Or how do you, because people are, and I’m sure you get this all the time, people coming to you. I mean, I have women coming up to me saying, I don’t wanna have children to bring them into this world that we’re living. Well, but again, I really think that we have choices. Am I terrified?

No, because I’m being proactive, right? And you know, up at the Bug Out, I’ve really created and it’s continued to create a small community there that can support 40 people or more. And I believe with, especially with the production orchard that we put in that and what we’re doing with the greenhouses up there, that we are really going to be able to feed a lot more.

than just the 40 people. So if power goes down, food is gone, completely off grid. Water’s gone, you’re… Yeah, that is 100% off grid. It’s possible to make these choices. Step by step, because again, it might be overwhelming. People might say, wow, how did Lynette get to the top of the mountain? But it was one step at a time. So you’ve been collecting for how long? My whole life. Your whole life. My whole life, yes. Seriously. So… I mean, it’s like a museum.

That’s what people say and yeah it is kind of like a museum in here. And they’re all, to be honest with you, marketable assets. This is the dining room where we’re going to be eating outside. This is my dining room. Oh my god, it’s gorgeous. Thank you. Oh look at the ceiling. Yep. Everything, I mean, there’s not a space left untouched.

Like you thought that… I still have a couple of rooms to do, but yeah. How long does it take you to do one room? A long time. I believe it. I mean… You know, the devil is in the details, right? It’s the same thing with strategy. The devil is in the details. You can gloss over things, but you’re going to have a much better result if you really pay attention to the details and the nuances. I heard you have a soft spot for Italian.

so far. Oh, right. Well, you’re okay. Yes, absolutely. And you’re about to see a lot of, oh, there’s some British in here, but that’s Italian. I mean, the very first piece, which I’ll show you, the very first piece that I bought from my uncle Al is a piece of Venetian glass. I want to see that. So I will show it to you. It’s in my bedroom, but that’s Venetian. There’s, I have lots of Venetian glass. These two are Venetian. Nothing is here accidentally. Like, everything is chosen with a purpose, like you said.

Exactly. So beautiful. And this is the breakfast. So this is where Lynette has her breakfast. Yes. This is where you have your do you take coffee in the morning? Because I know you’re a clean eater. I do chicory. Oh, chicory. Yes, which is a prebiotic. Okay. And it doesn’t have any caffeine. Okay. So occasionally, I will drink coffee. If somebody else is here, they’re not used to the chicory. Okay. So I have no problem with that. You’re just boiling it. They’re steeped.

I use a French press. French press. Yeah.

Oh, wow. That’s my preference. This is the kitchen. So people have seen this a lot because Chef Jason has been cooking. You can smell. We’re gonna have a wonderful dinner. I was gonna say it smells wonderful. Those little, all of these, this is all Italian. Wow. All of that up there, that’s all Italian. This is Italian, that’s Italian. So yes, there’s a lot of Italian.

And this is all hand painted. All hand painted. Mm-hmm. How do you, how did you choose, do you choose that? Did you have an idea? I chose the artist. Yes. And he, you know, worked with me on what I wanted to feel like. So yeah. Wonderful.

Well, why don’t we go upstairs first? Sure. OK. This is what I tell everybody when they start. OK. These are my goals, and this is what I need from you. What are your goals? Your job is to figure out how they come together. So I’m looking for people with passion about whatever it is that they’re passionate about, and then they make it their own. They figure out how it fits into what I’m trying to accomplish, because that’s where the magic is, Danielle.

That’s where the magic is. Then everybody’s work and their passion, and we’re all coming together in community to share the gifts that we’ve been given. And I think that that is really the most important thing. And for a lot of people that are watching this, one of the reasons why I stress community so much is because I saw in 2008 that the system died. So I knew that. I didn’t question it. I didn’t go, oh, maybe I’m wrong. I knew that.

And then the goal became to get prepared for when the public figures that out, which we’re not too far from that. But a lot of people, so I’ve had a long time, I bought this property in 2010, and have been working on it diligently ever since. But a lot of people are just waking up to this now. And doing what I’ve been able to do over the last, what, 13 years?

You know, it takes a long time to figure this out. I didn’t, I was not a farmer, I was not a gardener. I didn’t know really about any of this. I just knew about the economic system. And so I had to learn and I made lots and lots of mistakes. But imagine if you’re in a community and maybe you go to a community garden and you’re finding other like-minded people or you go to meetups and you’re meeting other local like-minded people. Well, this person is good at…

irrigation and this person is a doctor and this person is an electrician. And so they have all of these different skill sets that you need to have inside of a community. So I built it over 13 years, but it’s easy really for anybody because more and more people are waking up.

And everybody does have different talents and skills. But you’ve become really like a life coach. Do people tell you that? I mean, you’re the first one to tell me. Because you’re the real deal. Like, you practice what you preach. I do. But in all aspects of your life. I do. The food you put in your body, to the books you read, to the friends you have, and to your economic thinking and policies. I mean, you’re the real deal. So.

And people want to be around people who are the real deal. Right. But we can all be the real deal. Right? I’ve known all my life that I was supposed to do something that had a positive impact on a lot of people. Imagine if everybody started thinking, well, what can I do to have a positive impact on even one person? Right.

And that, I mean, that’s so broad. It isn’t, I’m saying, well, this is how you have to do it. It isn’t. It’s just that positivity that then translates from you to somebody else, from that person to another person. Now you’ve got two people that are going out and doing it. And before you know it, we can take back control of our lives because what they have in mind for us is just the opposite, taking.

all of your choices away, all of your control away. But we still have the opportunity to do that. So I’m on a mission to build community. Oh, you are. I am. I know you are. I definitely am. This house was built in 1929. Wow. So this whole area is a designated historical. Historic. The advantage of that, besides the fact that I love this and it’s so unique. And the energy.

Yeah, really great energy on this property and in this neighborhood. But if you have a historical residence, the taxes are lower. So there’s even property tax incentives. So this is really looks like an Italian. Yes, I’m in Tuscany. Tuscany. Absolutely. And this is going into Versailles.

Oh my goodness. This is not finished yet. Oh my goodness. Wow.

Magnificent. Absolutely magnificent. Thank you. Fit for a queen. It’s Versailles. And this is actually the very first piece that I bought. I was 13. I was going to say you were 13. Now I collected before that, but this is the first piece that I bought from Uncle Al. It’s a piece of Venetian glass. $10. So he said to you, you want it? Oh yeah. 10 bucks.

So, and I always worked, so I paid him the $10, and I gave it to my parents as a gift, and now I have it back.

So there you go. He would be so proud. Oh, he’s watching. For sure. He’s watching. And they just finished this like last week. So. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a house this interesting. I mean, it’s a story and it’s- Oh, it is definitely a story. Oh my gosh. Showering in here. Now I actually made that. Wow. And I did the bose frame around the peacocks.

What can’t Lynette do, people? I surround myself with pretty, because that balances out all the ugly that I read, that I think about, that I talk about. You can’t live in that space.

where you just have a miserable life. I see the beekeeper. Beekeeper. Yep. And this is actually a brand new agua-ponic system that we just put in. And so we’ve got a kale going up here. We’ve got carrots. And you can see a little, they’re starting to sprout there. And I’m not sure, I don’t remember what we have there. But.

The fish.

Okay, so that’s tilapia. Okay. And you’ll remember that when we go out to the tilapia pond. Okay. So their fish water goes through all of these beds and feeds all of these plants. Because fish water is better for the plants? Oh yeah, fish water, this is fertilizer. Right, so you remember the big fertilizer issues that we were having? Right, right, right. No fertilizer issues, we create our own.

This is one of the chickens are and ducks are another one. And what you have. Which we have, which we’ll be looking at. But, you know, so then as they get bigger, then we’ll move them to. How long does it take for carrots to sprout here? They just finished that like last, when did they do that? Not even a week ago, I think. Not even a week ago. I like this, me, hives, hive wine. Oh, wow. This is incredible. Yep.

Now this is a cool room, which is really a mess, so we don’t really need to show it yet. Because they’ve been transitioning stuff. But, and we’re growing mushrooms, but we can actually control. So if you move here, we’ll give you seeds, we’ll get you started.

And we have lots of over here. That’s wild. I didn’t know that. We have lots of refrigerators and three freezers and all of this to make sure. Yeah. Because we’re prepared. Exactly. I mean, it’s when, when is the time to prepare? It’s before you actually need it. Absolutely. Yeah. This room is a mess. So you guys see that the whole place isn’t perfect. We’re showing you everything.

Oh my goodness. Yes. Oh wow.

So this is actually… Oh, I’m coming. Okay. This is actually the tilapia pond. So there are baby tilapia in here. We had a little challenge, which people on Thrivers would have known that we had an electrical outage. So we lost our big tilapia. Okay. But we’re growing them again. So there you go.

This is, Edgar, you remember what this is called? I never, pennywort, which is really, really, really super nutritious and good for you. Here, taste. Can I just eat it? Yeah.

Mmm. So good for you. That’s so nice. Uh huh. You can put that in salads. Yes, exactly. Anywhere. I’m learning so much. I’ve never even heard of that. It’s a super food. It’s amazing. I mean what you’re looking at in the pond is a water lettuce which is good for the chickens and the ducks. So we give that to them. Down here is duckweed.

It’s all protein. Humans can eat that. Duckweed. Mm-hmm. Down here. It’s incredible how all the answers lie in nature, but we forget that. Well, they don’t want us to really know that. Or all of a sudden, you’re making different choices. Have you ever heard of goji berries?

Yes, that yes. And how nutritious they are. That one I, I, I, I. Have you ever had a fresh goji berry? No, I have not. Here you go. I only heard of it because it became a marketing sensation, right? That’s when they’re. Well, because it’s a super food. Mm, that’s delicious. Yeah. I think if you go to the store, I don’t know what they are because I don’t buy them anymore. But back in the day when I was buying them, this little teeny bag was like 20 bucks. I mean, why would you ever leave this house?

You go to the bug out? Oh. There’s so much to see everywhere. Morgan has organized all of the beds so that everybody can, you know, whoever needs to know what’s in there can pull that up so that we can manage what we’re growing both down here and up at the bug out. We donate a lot. Everybody that’s here.

Like if you wanted to, we’d be picking right as we’re going along so you could take it home. Because I’m sure you get this, you’re one of the celebrities in our world where they’re like, oh I want to be like Lynette and they think like you were born with all this, right? So you know, to hear that you had a period of darkness, that you didn’t have all this, that you built this, that it is possible. It is possible. I think is really inspiring.

I really do. You know, and I think it’s nice to see that because we see these perfect people, but to know that you have flaws or you’re not perfect or you did have to learn and like I said, you had hit rock bottom is an important lesson, right? Yeah, because I know that there are a lot of people out there that are, you know, unfortunately wondering how they’re going to feed their children. Yeah. And that’s a big one. And I had a period of time after my divorce where…

I always manage to feed them. I didn’t always manage to feed myself, but I always managed to feed them. So, you know, there is a lot of hope and if you can become more self-sufficient and independent, then you can… I mean that’s why I did this because I did not want my children to be hungry. And what an inspiration now you are for your daughters. Absolutely. So and much of what you’re seeing here, how pretty this is.

But this is actually Chinese spinach. You can eat everything. It’s delicious. Here, taste it. And they use it in stir fries. You don’t even have to take it off the stems. You throw some garlic in there. It’s fabulous. Papyrus. I mean, being this close to you, Lynette, your skin glows. So whatever you’re eating.

It was I actually a little bit of power. I have nothing on her face. So you saw the tilapia yes fish. This is the crawfish bed crawfish crawfish because you want to have a little bit of variety right you don’t want to have to eat the same thing all the time right so we have eggs we have chickens we have to lock the an hour. A stairway predators, yeah.

This is also really good for the ducks and the chickens to eat. And then of course we’ve got this. So in here we’ve got like onions. It looks like some chard is coming up here. Perslane. People think of that as a weed. It is nutritionally dense. This little thing here.

people need to know a lot of these things that they think are weeds and they wouldn’t eat. They’re actually nutritionally dense and delicious. And you can eat them raw, you can cook with them. I mean- Our ancestors knew so much more than we did. We lost our- Because they wanted us to be dependent on the system. And when you go to the big farms, I had a client who was a grower, big grower, and he said, you don’t realize this, Lynette?

But when you go to the grocery store, all that produce that looks so perfect and ripe and beautiful, it’s at least a month old. So they gas it to retard its aging. And then, you know, when they’re gonna put it out, they gas it again, that people can meet the local purveyors in their neighborhoods, in their areas. So who’s the farmer that grows produce? Go create a relationship. Because when push comes to shove,

If you need that, right, he’s gonna, those entities will give it to whoever they know before perfect strangers. Right. So you’re saying you don’t need to, you might not have the space to have your own chickens. Like not everyone can have this luxury. Right. You’re saying at least get to know the source of who could get you that, right? The local source of food. Right. Okay, we’re learning. We are learning. I am learning, people. Right. I am learning. It’s creating, again, going- This is a new chapter in my life. Right.

But it is going back to the basics and going back to our stores so that we can be even in there and maybe maybe they need a little bit of help. Right. So you go when people say can I help you on the farm. There’s always something to do. And what do you get to do you get to pick and have eggs and whatever and take it home right. Sand right look at how well right.

Now this is one of my favorites. Here, try that. Smell it. Mint? Chocolate mint. Like an after eight. Yeah, so you can use this in making ice cream, making cheesecakes. I mean, there’s anything you can do with it. There’s lots. Strawberries, and they’re sending out runners, so this whole bed will be full of.

chocolate mint and strawberries. Growing in sand. Mm-hmm. Growing in sand. Growing on islands.

Sorry, I had to. That’s okay. This is why I’m talking to people about coming together in their local communities, because we are so much stronger together than we are as individuals. It’s like the time is now. I’ve said, yeah, like I said, you’re the real deal, and you’re just looking to bring people together, help people, educate them, and this has just been…

a tiny glimpse into your incredible life, but what a life you’ve built. It’s truly inspirational. And I’m not going anywhere. You’re not going anywhere. I was going to say, you can’t retire, but I want to thank you for having, having me, welcoming me to ITM family. Oh my God, I’m so glad that I really, Danielle, I am so glad. One of the things that I really love is when somebody new comes in because they’re coming in with fresh eyes, right? I’ve been doing this on some level my whole life.

And I don’t know what I don’t. Well, it’s an extension of you, right? It’s just. And it’s my norm, right? It’s my norm. So I don’t necessarily, excuse me, but I don’t necessarily see what you’re gonna see now that you’re here. And I know that is gonna help us all be so much better. But we’re all in unison in the sense that we just wanna help educate people. Exactly. And inform people.

and our them be exactly as independent and self-sufficient know the truth. I know it’s hard to make those paradigm shifts. Critically important that we do and we act on it because the other part is is people think we have all the time in the world while they can do this for another 20. To your point earlier you’ve been talking about this for so long when is it going to happen. Open your eyes.

it is already happening. It’s just that the public hasn’t noticed it yet. When am I going up to my bug out? When the public notices then, then it’s time to get to your bug out. When is the time to get prepared before you need to? And if you’re here, I got a space in my bug. Yeah. Yes. And your family. Thank you. Thank you, Lynette. Well, thank you so much. This is just truly wonderful.

It’s my pleasure. And we’re going to have some more fun with some wonderful food. Yeah, now we’re going to have dinner tonight. Yes. Be sure to stay tuned to the Daniela Cambone show. We’ll have more incredible interviews. Thank you for watching.

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