To answer this question, first I must temper the answer to “I have a rare gold coin for sale, where do I sell it?” with the following information: gold bullion is currently around $1300 an ounce, the stock market is overbought and over-valued, and the economy is weak, therefore gold is poised to retrace it’s way to $1900 an ounce for gold bullion, and your rare gold coin will trace upwards as well. So, if you have another option rather than selling your rare gold coin, I would suggest you explore that option and make the best possible informed decision you can. Secondly, to answer the question about where you should sell your rare gold coin, I would suggest checking first with the company that sold the coin to you in the first place. If you purchased the rare gold coin from a rare gold coin dealer with integrity and a solid business model, then they will probably offer the most for your rare gold coin, simply because they made their profit when they sold the rare gold coin in the first place, and as long as they are a rare gold coin dealer of integrity, they will not be looking to make a profit when you sell the coin back. For more information on this part of the transaction, let me direct you to this article-blog I wrote previously. If the company you purchased the rare gold coin from is no longer in business, this can very much adversely effect your investment, and for information as to why this is the case, read this blog-article on the topic.

Can I Sell My Rare Gold Coin To ITM Trading?
ITM Trading will only buy back rare gold coins that it has sold. There are several reasons for this, and you can read more about them in this article-blog that I have written on the subject. One option you can possibly explore is trading your rare gold coin to ITM Trading for gold bullion. If able, ITM Trading in this case would liquidate your rare gold  coin to one of our wholesalers, and upon verification of the authenticity of your rare gold coin, ITM Trading will then send you gold bullion coins, which will be easier for you to turn into cash locally. If this option interests you, please call ITM Trading, we are here to be of service.

Where Not To Sell Your Rare Gold Coin, Or Gold Bullion For That Matter
Pawn shops as well as places that advertise “we buy gold” are not there for your benefit, they exist strictly for their profit. Likewise, sometimes a company will set up quick shops in a hotel for a weekend or so and advertise that they buy gold coins, gold bullion, rare gold coins, jewelry, and the like. All of these venues usually pay fifty cents on the dollar or less, and will either lie about or be truly uninformed as to what your rare gold coin is worth. Save your time and gasoline and stay out of these venues when trying to sell your rare gold coin. If you need to discuss this subject further, please contact us at ITM Trading.