What an interesting question. I remember reading an article or seeing a report somewhere, and the focus of the report was finding people who considered themselves rich. People who made $75,000 a year or so did not consider themselves rich. People who made $250,000 a year were not rich. People making $1 million to $2 million a year did not see themselves as rich. What is rich? $10 million a year would certainly have to be rich, right? In another article or report, I remember hearing that the average American annual take-home salary is somewhere just below $50,000 a year or so. These numbers come into play when we discuss how much of your retirement investment goes to rich people.

A lot of people consider top athletes to have huge annual salaries and contracts that make them rich. $10 million a year. $16 million a year. Roger Goodell, who is the NFL Commissioner, was reportedly paid $34.1 million in 2014. For an athlete to earn more than $34.1 million in the NFL, that athlete has to be a record-shattering beast of a player with a huge popular following. But many CEO’s out earn top athletes, and many other people out earn CEO’s.

Retirement Investment Or CEO Pay?
The NFL’s Roger Goodell Has Earned More Than $180 Million Since 2009.

Take hedge fund managers and bond fund managers and the like. Some of these fellas make $1 billion dollars a year and more. If $10 million a year is rich, then making 100 times that much and more every year has to make you super rich, right? Funny how the guys at the top of the retirement investment fund game end up with so much money isn’t it?

How Many Rich People Are Living On Your Retirement Investment Already?

Do you have a 401k that you are contributing to every paycheck? If so, you probably have some mutual funds and some bond funds. Each one of these funds has fund managers. If you think NFL players make money, these fund managers are known to buy NFL teams and NBA teams and the like as a pass-time passion. I’m serious, they do. If you are in the common class of people, say those that earn under $250,000 a year, then chances are pretty good that you make less than the people you hand your retirement investment dollars over to. Take a minute and think about that.

Forbes- Hedge Fund Managers: Top 5 Earners Bank $8.3 Billion.

Take another minute. Realize that you may be handing over every one of your retirement investment dollars to a fund manager that will make $25 million, $50 million, or even $100 million or more this year, whether or not they produce a profit for you. If the fund manager loses your retirement investment money legally, he is under absolutely no obligation to repay you, whatsoever.

If you boil this situation down to 5th-grade playground reality, you are basically letting the richest kid in school use your marbles to play for keeps. If he wins using your marbles, he may give you some, if he loses using your marbles, you absorb all of the losses. Either way, he goes home to a nicer house at the end of every day. Win or lose for you, win-win for him. His dad is probably a retirement investment fund manager.

Why Gold Can Be Seen As A Different Type Of Retirement Investment.

Call your guy or girl. I mean your financial guy or girl. You may call them an investment advisor, or an estate planner, or a banker, or even a lawyer, but one thing you can call them all is for-profit. Each and every one of them would like to make $5 million or $10 million a year. They would probably like to make $50 million or $100 million a year if they could, but I bet if they did, they might confide in you that making $50 million a year is just plain being over-paid; a single person is not worth $50 million a year in the world of human contribution.


Gold As A Retirement Investment
Gold Bars Store Easily In A Safe, And Can Also Usually Be Insured At A Low Nominal Cost.

Gold, on the other hand, does not want to make bonuses or earn a promotion. Gold does not want a company car or a corner office. Gold does not want an expense account or first-class airfare. Gold does not demand to stay at the Ritz-Carlton, or hire limousines. Physical gold coins and bars only asks for a nice, secure safe.

ITM Trading will sell gold and silver bullion at just a few percent over the spot price of gold and silver, respectively. If you are intent on making sure that as much as possible of your investment actually becomes an investment as opposed to fees and costs that go towards making obscenely rich fund managers and the like, then buying gold coins and silver bullion may be exactly what you need to diversify into.