Imagine you had a gold tree, one that would allow you to walk out, gather up armfuls of the stuff and make the question of where to buy gold coins a thing of the past. In a manner of speaking, that is what researchers have discovered in the leaves of some eucalypts and acacia trees.

If you are wondering why eucalypts leaves are not a lot heavier than they are, the catch is that the amount of gold in a eucalypts leaf is rather small, trace amounts actually, around one fifth the size of a human hair and invisible to the unaided human eye.

It is believed that the gold may be toxic to the tree which is perhaps why after the gold is drawn up through the root system and comes to rest in the leaves and bark, it is shed before it can collect in any appreciable quantity.

“If you had 500 eucalypt trees growing over a gold deposit, they would only have enough gold in there to make a wedding ring,’’ stated Mel Linterna geochemist with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Australia’s national science agency. Instead of persuading gold seekers to look up at the leaves of the gold containing trees, once detected, the leaves are drawing the miners gaze down, as much as 50 meters down, for that is how deep the roots of eucalypts trees go.

What is exciting to gold exploration interests is that where these trees are found with higher concentrations of trace gold in the leaves, the probability of gold under the surface is higher. “There might be tonnes of gold underneath and yet the amount of gold in the tree is very small,’’ Mr. Linterna observed.

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