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Quotes About Gold Ron Paul.

Great Gold And Silver Quotes

Ron Paul may be best known for his presidential runs in 2008 and 2012. Fewer know that he also ran for president of the United States in 1988. His policies never really change. He is anti-war, anti-central bank, and pro gold. Ron Paul is also a few other things that seem to get overlooked.

Ron Paul graduated from the Gettysburg College and then from Duke University School of Medicine with his doctorate. Dr. Paul then served in the US Air Force as a flight surgeon. After his time in the military, Dr. Paul continued to practice medicine as an obstetrician – gynecologist for decades. Dr.Paul has delivered hundreds and hundreds of babies.

There is another side to Dr. Paul, however. He obviously has some political ambitions, but Dr. Paul also has some very well researched and proven economic principles. Dr. Paul is a Senior Fellow of the Mises Institute. This Institute studies and promotes what is called Austrian economics. Simply speaking Austrian economics are conservative and concerned with keeping money sound and stable for the citizens that must trade their labor and their lives for it. Dr. Paul has written several books on the subject.

One more of Ron Paul’s great gold and silver quotes:

Great Gold And Silver Quotes

Dr. Ron Paul Served As A United States Congressman From Texas During The 1970’s, 1980’s, And Continuously From 1997 To 2013.

Why Dr. Paul Owns Gold Bullion Coins.

Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Ron Paul is a student and staunch supporter of the US Constitution. Dr. Paul understands the difference between gold and silver coins issued by the US States and US Treasury and Federal Reserve Notes issued by a central bank. If you study and grasp this difference, then perhaps you begin to acquire gold and silver coins and bars, just as Dr. Paul suggests and does.

Why Dr Paul Owns Rare American Gold Coins.

Dr. Paul also owns rare American gold coins because he knows and understands that the IRS – Internal Revenue Service – classifies, treats, and taxes rare American gold coins differently than they do gold bullion coins. If you would like to know more about this, contact an ITM Trading representative at 1.888.OWN.GOLD.

Great Gold And Silver Quotes : Thomas Jefferson.

In keeping with the theme of constitutionalists and constitutional money; why not include a couple of great gold and silver quotes from an author of the United States Constitution?

Great Gold And Silver Quotes

Before Thomas Jefferson helped frame the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, he achieved many notable accomplishments. Thomas Jefferson graduated from the College of William and Mary and practiced law, authored books, and practiced politics. Later in life he actually founded a college, the University of Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson was successful in being elected to the office of president – on two occasions. He served from 1801 to 1809. He was also elected to the office of vice president, back when vice presidents were elected, in 1797.

Jefferson and Paul share some of the same conservative ideas, even if they don’t share the same era and times. Both men believe in a sound currency that is a store of value. This is the reason that Jefferson helped write the laws surrounding gold and silver coins, and why Paul still supports and calls for their reinstatement. The two men, between, them, have authored some truly poignant and great gold and silver quotes.

In one of his great gold and silver quotes (currency), Thomas Jefferson warned us about what is happening today.


Great Gold And Silver Quotes : Own Physical Gold And Silver.

Just as president Thomas Jefferson warned us centuries ago and Dr. Ron Paul warns us today, currencies issued by private banks are a very real threat to your liberty, wealth, and freedom.

Gold and silver coins and bars are still the best way to protect your wealth and your ability to access that wealth. Times have changed, and what used to be seen as money has been replaced by digital currencies issued by private banks.

Take a little time to study the writings of two men who spent quite a bit of time both studying and writing. See if after a bit of research and reasoning diversifying into gold and silver coins and bullion, and perhaps a few rare American gold coins makes more sense to you. If it does, or if you have questions, please contact ITM Trading, we are here to be of service.