Gold has always been money throughout the recorded history of mankind. There is too much evidence to refute this. Gold coins from thousands of years ago are regularly found. Gold coins from one area of the world are found in shipwrecks on the other side of the globe, thus proving that gold coin was acceptable as and used as international payment. Pharaohs are found buried in gold tombs. Naysayers say that gold is no longer money, and that going forward gold cannot be money. Gold will always be money. Here is why.

Gold Will Always Be Money Because Bomb Shelters Exist.

This bomb shelter is currently for sale. Reports list it at less than or about $1 million. The bomb shelter is located in Ireland. If you are not familiar with the history of Ireland, Ireland believes in both war and bombs. If you are at all familiar with any type of world history, you should believe in war and bombs too. Apparently, gold will always be money to those that have the big bombs, because right after they bomb they swoop in looking to plunder gold. Check history. Gold will always be money.

 Gold Will Always Be Money Because Bomb Shelters Exist.
The Entrance To The 46,000 + Square Foot Bomb Shelter.

This bomb shelter is massive. From the article:

The 46,383 square foot-bunker contains 236 livable rooms and has two floors, one completely underground. Interested buyers will have to buy it from the Office of Northern Ireland’s First Minister and Deputy First Minister, who own the bunker.

The existence of the bunker wasn’t even widely known until 2007, as it was a state secret until the BBC unearthed it during a Freedom of Information Act filing on Northern Irish nuclear bunkers, reported News Letter.

236 livable rooms. More than 46,000 square feet. These types of bomb shelters are not meant to be tucked away in the back yards. These bomb shelter are built by governments that explicitly understand the threats they face from foreign powers and enemies. This bomb shelter can withstand a nuclear blast, because a nuclear blast is a very real possibility. How does this mean gold will always be money? Let’s look at this a little deeper.

 Gold Will Always Be Money Because Bomb Shelters Exist.
Speaking Of Deeper, This Bomb Shelter Has Underground Floors. This Stair-well Is How You Access Them.

Gold Will Always Be Money Because Banks Are Not Bomb Shelters.

Imagine 236 livable rooms. Now imagine one person to a room. This bomb shelter may easily be able to support more than 200 people, but let’s just say only 200 people made it into the bomb shelter before the heavy blast proof doors were shut and the mushroom clouds starting blooming.

When those 200 people emerge, however many months or years after the blasts, do you think there will be a Chase branch there ready to service their accounts. Do you think there will be a Lehman Brothers Account Manager waiting to take calls? Oh, wait, Lehman Brothers already disappeared in a mushroom cloud a few years ago..

Gold Will Always Be Money Because Bombs Exist
Lehman Brothers Proved Once Again That You Don’t Need A Nuclear Explosion To Instantly Incinerate Fiat Wealth.

There will not be a bank. There will not be tellers. There will not be ATM’s. There will still be 1-800 numbers to call, but no telephone infrastructure to dial them on. In essence, a nuclear bomb will bomb the economy back into the stone-age.

Gold Will Always Be Money Because Of Man’s Inhumanity To Man.

Remember Cain and Abel? It doesn’t matter if you believe in the Bible or not, the story of Cain slaying his brother Abel has been told and is still told today. Man has always killed man. Two hundred years ago men killed men with rope and gunpowder. Even though man has advanced tremendously in technology, he has only used that technology to harm his fellow man. Radiation has replaced rope. Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles have replaced gunpowder.

Though we would rather not think of these things, you have to truly consider them when planning a long term investment portfolio. Especially if other people are depending on you to build a financial portfolio that won’t fail them when everything else has. Unless man changes his predilection for war and chaos very quickly, I am afraid Einstein will be correct, and if Einstein is correct, you won’t have to worry about your 401k or IRA. Ever.

Gold Will Always Be Money Because Bomb Shelters Exist.
Enough Said.

Gold Will Always Be Money And Governments Know It.

This bomb shelter has everything they could think of when it was constructed. Food. Protection. Armament. Clean air. Medical facilities. I’m sure there is a place set aside in the bomb shelter for guns and ammunition, and I also bet there was some heavier firepower stored in this monolithic structure at one point as well. Do you think they had a cupboard for checkbooks and debit cards? How about a change jar?

Governments understand that after a war, when what used to be the former capital city is now a glass parking lot, pieces of printed paper bearing the name and likeness of what preceded said glass parking lot won’t have much purchasing power. Gold Will Always Be Money.

Gold Will Always Be Money Because Bombs Exist
When A Nuclear Blast Hits A Forest, You Get A Nuclear Forest. When a Nuclear Blast Hits A Desert, You Get A Glass Parking Lot.

Gold and silver on the other hand, will have value and therefore purchasing power. Do you want to know the last reason why gold will always be money, and silver will too? Because you can make real bombs out of gold and silver, our current bomb designs demand them. You can only make firecrackers out of paper, and then you still need gunpowder.

Gold Will Always Be Money Because Bomb Shelters Exist.
An Interior Shot Of The Bomb Shelter. Note The Triple Locks On The Door And The Size Of The Yellow Wrench To The Left Of The Doorway. That Is One Serious Interior Fire Door.