Gold has always been a sign of wealth, if not an outright currency, since recorded man began recording himself. Egyptian Pharaohs were buried with their gold wealth. Kings were known to horde gold wealth. Countries and nations have been invaded and plundered for their gold wealth. Gold as a sign of wealth is still here today, and here are some of the more glaring, or perhaps glittering, examples:

Gold Wealth – An Obvious Display: Gold Watches

Gold watches as a display of gold wealth is really a classic example. After all, in the beginning of the times of timepieces, they were not for the poor. In fact, the poor had no need for time, much less a watch to tell it by. A watch by itself was wealth, a gold watch, well, that was gold wealth with a rich man’s purpose!

gold wealth can be symbolized by a gold rolex watch
A Gold Rolex Watch Is A Obvious Display Of Wealth And Success. Perhaps The Only Display Of Wealth That Outshines Gold Wealth, Is To Cover Your Gold Wealth With Diamonds.

In the world of gold watches however, there is such a thing as understated gold wealth. A watch can be made of solid gold, without having to look like you want everyone to know it.

Patek Philippe Gold Watch Gold Wealth
A Rare Patek Philippe Watch Like This Is Understated Gold Wealth.

This Patek Philippe watch costs more than many educations, but unless you recognize this understated gold wealth, you may not know it. However, in the world of rare watches and real big money, this watch screams gold wealth, but with reserved dignity.

Gold Wealth – An Obvious Display: Gold Plumbing

Gold plumbing is real. I remember first seeing gold plumbing on a 20/20 interview I think it was. In any event, Kenny Rogers had gold plumbing, and he was proud of it. He went from a broke country kid to country royalty, and his guests would know this when they washed their hands under his hot and cold running gold wealth.

Kenny Rogers Had Gold Wealth By Way OF Gold Bathroom Fixtures
Kenny Rogers Had Gold Wealth, He Had Gold Bathroom Fixtures.

If you think Kenny was alone in his gold wealth excesses, don’t make me post a picture of MC Hammer and his gold wealth follies and his matching parachute whatever they were pants. Besides MC Hammer and Kenny, the people of Hong Kong take their gold wealth and flaunting it to ridiculous extremes. Here is a AP photo of what I mean:

How About That For Gold Wealth?Gold has been wealth for centuries around the world, so we cannot blame Mr. Rogers for any unfortunate gold wealth / bathroom trends, they were around long before he was The Gambler.

The Gambler Gambled For Gold Wealth
The Gambler Understood Gold Wealth, And When To Hold’em And When To Fold’em.

Gold Wealth – An Obvious Display: Gold Cars

Henry Ford was said to make you a car any color you want, so long as that color was black. In the world of ostentatious wealth, one can drive a Lamborghini to get noticed.

A Lamborghini Aventador Before The Gold Wealth Package.
A Lamborghini Aventador Without The Gold Wealth Package.

In the way out world of ostentatious gold consumption one can be seen around town in a gold Lamborghini Aventador. Nothing says,“I have fast money and I want everyone to know it!” quite like a gold plated Lamborghini Aventador.

A Lamborghini Aventador After The Obvious Gold Wealth Package.
A Lamborghini Aventador With The Gold Wealth Package.

Now that I think about it, something that may proclaim your obvious display of gold consumption louder than a gold Lamborghini and a diamond encrusted gold watch, would be to wear the gold watch while driving the gold car to get a dozen, forget that, a dozen dozens of these gold doughnuts.

gold doughnuts can mean gold wealth
A Chef At The Manila Social Club Created The Gold Leafed Doughnuts. They Sell For $100 Each, Or $1200 A Dozen. A Dozen Dozens Would Be $14,400. Plus New York Sales Tax.

Gold Wealth – An Obvious Display: Gold Jets

Yup. If you don’t have anywhere to be, point that gold doughnut carrying gold Lamborghini being driven by the gold watch wearing gold wealth obsessed freak towards this, your new gold jet!

 What Else Says International Gold Wealth Like A Private Gold Jet.
What Else Says International Gold Wealth Like A Private Gold Jet.

If the last line sounded a little Price-Is-Right like, I couldn’t help myself. I was a big fan. Bob Barker knew commerce and he knew game show games. The man kept $100 bills in his pocket and he cared about spaying cats and dogs, but I digress. But if you want a Price Is Right tie in, the Price Is Right Wheel was covered in gold glitter and gold lights and such.

 The Price Is Right Wheel Was Covered In Hollywood Gold Wealth. Gold Glitter And Lights.
The Price Is Right Wheel Was Covered In Hollywood Gold Wealth. Gold Glitter And Gold Lights.

But back to the story at hand, we can leave Mr. Barker for another day. Perhaps on your way to the airport, you can swing buy the local gold broker for one of these:

A Perfect Display Of Gold Wealth To Hang In Your Gold Jet.
A Perfect Display Of Gold Wealth To Hang In Your Gold Jet.

With the exception of the gold bars and probably the gold watches, the rest of the gold “wealth” examples are fleeting at best, and lets face it, most of us can only afford the gold doughnut. But, if you would like to begin to acquire gold bars, ITM Trading is here to be of service.