Perhaps you read my article blog on gold trends, or google searched for gold trends and found this article on older gold trends, looking for historic market performance data regarding gold returns and gold trends, but if you are looking for technical gold data on specific gold trends, this may not be the article you are searching for.

This blog article piece is dedicated to gold trends that have come and gone around us over the last several decades. So, for a light hearted look at gold trends in the United States that have come and gone, please continue to read.

Older Gold Trends – Gold Appliances, Remember These?

A Lot Of American Homes were Full Of This Type Of Gold. Some Gold Trends Hang Around A Long Time.
A Lot Of American Homes were Full Of This Type Of Gold. Some Gold Trends Hang Around A Long Time.

Sure, the appliance are not made of gold or even gold plated, but the gold hues and gold tones of the 1970’s cannot be denied as existing among gold trends. You could get gold appliances from any manufacturer, Frigidaire, General Motors, Amana, Maytag, etc. They were marketed under different color names like Maize and Goldenrod, but oddly enough, all of the gold paint was oddly identical.


My guess is that this gold trend like many gold trends was so powerful that the makers of these appliances wanted their gold appliance to be the same color gold as other appliance makers, so that the American housewife could replace here old gold Frigidaire refrigerator with a new gold Whirlpool side by side refrigerator and it would still match her other gold appliances.

A Vintage Side By Side In Goldenrod. Note The Matching Gold Cabinetry.
A Vintage Side By Side In Goldenrod. Note The Matching Gold Cabinetry.

Gold Trends tend to be long term affairs, and America’s affair with gold appliances can definitely be counted among long term gold trends. Because many of these appliances were made in the United States of America, they were quality machines that lasted for decades and then more decades. Many a gold appliance has been replaced by a newer shiny white unit, only to be replaced again and again by newer and newer units as the quality and lifespan of these units decreases.

I doubt that the fact that these appliances were painted in a gold tone has anything to do with there longevity, but gold physical gold itself does not decay and break down. If you have an old relative that currently has one of these old gold refrigerators out in the garage still freezing leftovers and chilling down beer after forty years, then perhaps the analogy of gold not decaying or breaking down applies perfectly to this and many gold trends.

gold kitchen

As gold trends go, this gold trend took over the entire kitchen. This kitchen has two gold ovens, gold sinks, gold cabinets, and I’m sure the cabinets are full of gold kitchen appliances like this one:

harvest gold mixer
A Harvest Gold MixMaster In Original Packaging.

By the way, it would not be fair or just to discuss gold appliances as a gold trend without bringing up the fact that there were probably just as many avocado green appliances in kitchens across the country as there were gold ones. Avocado appliances, however are among avocado trends, not gold trends, and for whatever reasons there are more gold trends than there are avocado trends.

Older Gold Trends – Gold Leaf Furniture – Not Too Ostentatious…

one of many gold trends - gold furniture
Did This Furniture Style Evolve From Royal Throne Design?

Furniture is probably just as old as gold. People have always had to sit on something, but exactly where this gold trend of all gold trends started probably hearkens back to the days of royalty and golden thrones. Being that gold has been a sign of wealth and power for thousands and thousands of years, royal thrones being made of gold or even gold gilded, makes perfect sense. However, unless you are a Liberace impersonator or have grand delusions of living in Downton Abbey, seeing gold leaf applique furniture on an everyday basis is not commonplace anymore.


There is quite a valuable trade done in antique and exquisitely crafted furniture, and because gold trends were liberally applied to furniture in times past, oftentimes there are gold accents or even solid gold antiques that are very valuable. New furniture however, that has been either painted gold or gold leafed in order to give off an air of antiquity is a gold trend that perhaps gratefully come and gone.

gold furniture was among many gold trends

As gold trends come and go, and gold appliances are exchanged in favor of stainless steel (how cold and ordinary and cheap looking compared to harvest gold…) appliances, and furniture becomes more about living comfortably instead of portraying that you live a very wealthy lifestyle that includes napping on gold chaise lounges, real gold leaf antiques and settees have fallen out of fashion as well. Perhaps because they seem to clash with today’s values, and also because they have retained their value and a the cost of a single gold Chippendale chair can furnish an entire living room.

Antique Gold Furniture Can Be Very Valuable, And Sometimes Gold Trends Can Drive Prices Quite High.
Antique Gold Furniture Can Be Very Valuable, And Sometimes Gold Trends Can Drive Prices Quite High.

Keeping in mind that gold is wealth and tangible, and does not decay or corrode, gold is wealth that stands the test of time even as gold trends come and gold trends go. If you would like to capture the one of the current gold trends and have physical gold coins shipped directly to your door, contact an ITM Trading representative by telephone or buy gold bullion coins and gold bars online at