There is a show that is currently running on The Discovery Channel called “Gold Rush Alaska.”

In this show amateur miners who one day just up and decided with the price of gold so high they would go to Alaska and attempt to mine.  So they took a lot of money, bought a claim spot and some equipment and set out to get a little piece of the gold action.

When the cast arrived in Alaska they soon realized that it was a lot harder than they expected.  From frozen ground to failing equipment and having to dig deeper and deeper before they even reached the kind of dirt that contains gold, it was months before they saw any gold at all.  The first season wrapped up with the cast collecting a measly 14 ounces of gold.  Needless to say they left Alaska losing a large sum of money.

Now the cast is back for season two having spent a lot more money on equipment and a new claim spot, they are showing just how difficult it really is to extract this rare metal.  The point here is just that.

The reason it is estimated that all of the gold ever mined could fit into a 20-yard cube is because it is very difficult to extract.  The cast of the show are finding gold the size of grains of sand in most cases.

Gold is a very rare resource that has few applications but is coveted around the world.  Gold is as good as money/cash.  It is only within the last 40 years that we have been conditioned to believe that gold is not money (since Nixon removed us from the gold standard).

The rarity of gold in conjunction with the worldview that it is real money is part of the reason gold is flourishing today.  With all of the money printing around the world it makes sense that sales of gold coins worldwide have been increasing over the last 10 years.  Recently the ECB announced that it would continue to pump unlimited money into the banks for 36 months, only boosting gold’s potential in the long run.  With gold prices on the rise and demand increasing, there is no need to buy some mining equipment and head to Alaska.  Owning gold is as easy as picking up the phone and calling us at 1-888-696-4653.