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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Linda L: If real estate goes the way of Japan, ie 10% of current valuations, and coffee in Venezuela costs millions of bolivars, does that mean coffee costs more than real estate? Or does real estate escalate in value during hyperinflation just like coffee?

Question 2. Tom O: In purchasing gold, do you suggest 1 oz Eagles, 1 oz bars, or if semi-numismatics, what MS grade and what particular coin and why?

Question 3. Bill H: If someone takes a home equity loan to buy gold and silver: Will my home equity loan still be able to be paid off in Fiat? Thus I could buy say 10 oz of gold now then after the reset use say two oz and be able to pay off the loan and keep say 8 oz.

Question 4. Phil S: What is your thoughts on owning high quality mining stocks.