Does gold have a lifetime guarantee? One could posit that physical gold coins and gold bars have a lifetime guarantee, at least of sorts. In essence, depending on what you call a lifetime, and what you consider a guarantee to be, then gold coins and gold bars that you buy from ITM Trading, or another reputable dealer for that matter, can be considered to have a lifetime guarantee. In order to look into this matter in a little more depth, however, let us  compare items we know that have a lifetime guarantee against the lifetime guarantee gold has to offer.

Does Gold Have A Lifetime Guarantee? Tupperware Does.

Tupperware was a staple in many American homes for decade after decade.Many lunches of leftovers have been carried to work in bright yellow and orange Tupperware containers. If I recall correctly, Tupperware also had the lock on a coffee-brown colored plastic as well as an avocado green plastic.

Does Gold Have A Lifetime Guarantee? Tupperware Does.
These Tupperware Mugs Also Came With Matching Saucers That Could Also Act As Secure Lids For Storing Or Transporting Liquids.

The aforementioned orange had the hue of Campbell’s tomato soup. If you filled the orange Tupperware mug with Campbell’s tomato soup, you better have really good depth perception or you were apt to burn your lips or tongue or nose or all three. I think Tupperware had those particular hues and colors patented because I have never seen them anywhere else.

In any event, those old Tupperware pieces have a lifetime guarantee from Tupperware, and Tupperware is still around. Tupperware guarantees it’s products for life against “chipping, cracking, breaking, or peeling” as the used-to-be-famous saying once went. I’m not kidding, people used to know that Tupperware had a lifetime guarantee against chipping, cracking, breaking, or peeling because this was the mantra that was repeated at every Tupperware party held in every living room.

Does Gold Have A Lifetime Guarantee? Tupperware Does.

If you don’t know what a Tupperware party is, do yourself and a nursing home resident a favor. Stop by, visit, and somewhere in the conversation ask about a Tupperware party. Chances are good the person you are talking to will have a story about a Tupperware party. Anyway, Tupperware still offers a lifetime guarantee.

Does Gold Have A Lifetime Guarantee? JanSport Backpacks Do.

The odds are pretty good you had a JanSport backpack at some point in your student career. As I recall, backpacks kind of came and went from time to time in the lexicon of student style. Sometimes they were cool. Sometimes backpacks were cool if you carried them slung over just one shoulder.

What wasn’t cool was when your backpack split a seam in hallway “A” right in-between math class and history class and now you have to carry all your books and your gym shoes halfway across campus in the remaining three minutes until classes start. A cheap backpack would eventually do this, or something similar to you. JanSport backpacks were made a little better, they were made for the student who actually intended to graduate. JanSport backpacks had a lifetime guarantee back then, and they do now. If your JanSport Backpack rips or splits, mail it to them, and they will repair or replace it.

 Does Gold Have A Lifetime Guarantee? JanSport Backpacks Do.
JanSport Backpacks Have A Lifetime Guarantee. If You Need To, Send Your Worn Or Torn Backpack To JanSport And They Will Repair Or Replace It.

JanSport backpacks cost more, usually, then a lot of other backpacks, but if you know you are really going to heavily use a backpack, why not buy one with a lifetime guarantee? Congratulations to JanSport for still making a product backing it with a lifetime guarantee.

Does Gold Have A Lifetime Guarantee? L.L. Bean Does.

L.L. Bean can be called America’s original outfitter. Their flagship store is still located in Freeport, Maine, and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you happen to be anywhere near Freeport, Maine, this means that you can return any of the L.L. Bean boots or L.L. Bean clothing that has a lifetime warranty for any reason or defect at any time of day or night, for either new product or store credit.

A Visit To The L.L. Bean Store In Freeport, Maine.

Being that L.L. Bean began operations in 1913 as a mail order business that primarily sold the hunting boots that Leon Leonwood Bean ( Leon Leonwood Bean put the L.L Bean in L.L. Bean) designed himself. Leon guaranteed his boots “money-back” if they fail you. Unfortunately for Mr. Bean, design problems with his first production run of hunting boots led to a reported 90% return rate.

Bean redesigned his boot, honored his lifetime guarantee claims, and continued to sell his “Maine mud boot”. Mr. Bean died in 1967. Congratulations to L.L. Bean, a privately owned American company that still makes products here in the United States, and then backs them with a lifetime guarantee.

Does Gold Have A Lifetime Guarantee? You Decide.

Tupperware was first offered for sale, and hence, it’s lifetime guarantees began, in 1948. I don’t know when JanSport began making backpacks or offering lifetime guarantees on them, but the company as a whole was founded in 1967 by a husband and wife team. JanSport backpacks were made in the United States until sometime in the 1990’s when all production was then outsourced.

Today, JanSport is owned by on of the largest clothing conglomerates on Earth. If you rip a Chinese made JanSport backpack today, they will give you another Chinese made backpack tomorrow. Lifetime warranty still in full effect.

 Does Gold Have A Lifetime Guarantee? JanSport Backpacks Do.
I Don’t Know If Jansport Had Guys Quite Like This In Mind When They Began Offering Their Lifetime Guarantee, But I Guess The Backpack Is Covered If The Golfer Can Retrieve It.

Gold has been recorded as wealth around the world for centuries in written human history. Gold has a record that spans centuries without a single default as opposed to lifetime warranties in force for mere decades. Kind of like L.L. Bean’s Freeport, Maine store, however, gold is accessible as wealth 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Gold can be redeemed by any individual or company willing to do so. Gold does not have to be mailed back to the originating company to be redeemed. To finish the analogies, gold is like Tupperware in that gold does not tend to chip, crack, break or peel.

The question to ask, perhaps rather than “Does gold have a lifetime guarantee?” is “What do I have in my financial portfolio that has a track record and performance history like gold coins and gold bars do?” After all, what good is a lifetime guarantee if the product is worthless? Diversify out of paper investments and into physical gold coins and gold bars.