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More Bank Failures, Less Backup Cash – Are Your Deposits In Danger?

Taylor Kenney - ITM Trading Mar 25, 2024

Are your savings truly safe? Uncover the shocking truth: a drained FDIC fund, secret problem banks, and power consolidation within megabanks.


  • The FDIC deposit insurance fund is drained, struggling to recoup losses from recent bank failures
  • Banks and the FDIC operate on a fractional reserve system, with banks not required to keep deposits on hand and the FDIC only keeping 1.35% of insured deposits
  • The government’s confidential “problem bank list” doesn’t accurately represent the number of banks in trouble
  • FDIC bank rescue practices lead to a consolidation of power and wealth within megabanks, which are concentrated and riddled with risky bets and toxic assets
  • The banking system is at risk of collapse, and the FDIC is ill-equipped to handle the failure of even mid-sized banks
  • In a crisis, depositors face the risk of being “bailed in,” with banks freezing accounts and taking deposits to make themselves whole
  • Storing wealth in cash in the current system carries serious risk, and it’s crucial to explore ways to protect your finances outside of the system


00:00 Events Risking Your Deposits
02:26 Draining Funds
03:42 Problem Bank List
05:24 Megabank Takovers




https://www.americanbanker.com/news/banks-knock-fdic-over-growing-tab-for-last-years-failures#:~:text=The%20Federal%20Deposit%20Insurance%20Corp,that%20calculation%20to%20%2420.4%20billion .








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