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hi guys when that thing she’s market analyst here at I can training a full-service buy sell physical precious metals out you won’t get any metal but we specialize in gold and silver ok so you probably heard the Dow Jones industrial average hit a record Today The Dow Topped 20,000 for the first time. today and remember to there’s a length be nice here where you can go and see everything in jpeg 450 is a better word ok up insurance i can still contribute a hold of slides that I printed but somehow didn’t make it here what about my printers yeah they’re on the printer okay sorry about that guys at any rate so you know that the dow get 20,000 so yay

As you can see on this graph they’ve been trying to do it through that line across the top they’ve been trying to do it for quite some time well they did it before the open this morning because big line up there ok that’s really where the jump came in and you can see the rest of the day this is just what happened today and you can see the rest of the day with kind of level so they pushed it over the 20,000 in pre-market our say now Jim Cramer says you have the thank you going to look appreciate it ok so Jim Cramer says that that big jump was due to earning really ok because in the wall street journal and just going to read this but all love we can scan it and put it up there executive stay mom on Trump profit rise investors are betting that President Donald Trump will make earnings great again in 2017 the companies themselves won’t go there another way so let me show you what the insiders are doing ok now this is from the wall street journal’ published every monday so you can go in and you can see for yourself but do you see that the insiders for this week this is just one week have sold let’s see for every dollar of stock that they bought they sold 61 dollars in seventy-nine cents if you include the future the plant sale so this isn’t really far out but maybe next week or the week after they do that kind of short then that would be for every dollars reason thought that they bought they sold $89 and 49 set

So I wondering who looks who’s buying stock because the insiders are selling if you’re buying it you might want to rethink that position however they finally got us about 20,000 that is a psychological level my bet is that they will continue that trend if they can keep that in place remember April twenty-eighth is when the World Bank and the IMF meet and they may I don’t know yet we’ll find out but it is quite possible that they could announce the new money standard shift i’m going to tell you you won’t see it maybe the markets will go up that day maybe we’ll stay flat like it’s not going to be a huge announcement actually huge deal but it’s not going to be a huge announcement because they always like distance between when they do something and when you notice the impact of what they’ve done that is until they take a digital which brings me to the February webinar on Bitcoin blockchain i’ll tell you one of the big reasons why I love doing these the big monthly webinars it gives me an opportunity to focus and go really deep on one topic so while I’ve been following Bitcoin since its inception it’s really interesting what I’m finding and I’m really excited to share that with you so you’ll be getting an invitation but you can go on to our website write and sign up for the webinar that februari 7i there’s a link below where you can go ahead and register and also see the jpegs of these and make sure that you light up on Facebook and join our after it has joined the committee words still making words but join our state no YouTube page I know whether you dry oh my god sorry so what about doing that I didn’t sleep very well last night hope you can forgive me for today’s piece but yeah so like about facebook subscribe to our YouTube channel give us a call at 888 696 4653

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