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Death of the Dollar Ushers in; Gold to Skyrocket in 2024 Says Gerald Celente

The Daniela Cambone Show Jan 8, 2024

“This is going to be the year for gold,” predicts Gerald Celente, trend forecaster, and publisher of the Trends Journal, in the second part of our interview. He tells our Daniela Cambone that while gold is projected to climb uphill and reach above $3,000 an ounce in 2024, the U.S. dollar is expected to decline. “This is also going to be the beginning of the death of the dollar… this marks the end of the American empire,” warns Celente, as China, Russia, and BRICS countries have embraced de-dollarization. He also points out that this trend is already happening “in front of everybody’s eyes.” Celente passionately calls for a “Renaissance” to save the U.S. from decay. “You go in an airplane and look at what the people look like. Look at the people; you have your pajamas on. You know what I mean? It’s the decline of society,” he exclaims. Lastly, he urges people to take action in the New Year. Watch the video to learn more.


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All right, we’re back with Gerald Celente, one of my favorite guests of all time, my longtime friend and the ultimate trends forecaster talking about top trends for 2024. Gerald, you know, in my reading of your top trends, one obviously really stood out for me is that you think golden days, a golden year for gold are ahead in 2024.



You wrote, as we had forecasted for several months, the US Federal Reserve will lower interest rates and the lower interest rates fall, the deeper the US dollar will sink and the higher gold prices will rise. Let’s talk about that. That’s as simple as that. They’re gonna do everything they can. That’s as simple as that, right? Yep. They do it all the time. They lower interest rates in the run-up for the presidential reality show. By the way, that’s our trademark. It’s a reality show. That’s all it is. It’s a TV show. And…



So going back, who’s the Treasury Secretary? Oh, Janet Yellen. What was her last job? Oh, she was the Fed head. Wait a minute, the former head of the Federal Reserve is our Treasury Secretary? Yeah, that’s right. That’s who’s running our government, the banksters. And they want to keep it in power. We said, again, several months, they’re gonna lower interest rates. Now they’re all saying it, of course, now, that they’re gonna lower interest rates. The only reason gold didn’t move up sharply



as all this stuff was going down was because of the strong dollar. And the only reason the dollar was strong, not because of the $34 trillion of debt, because interest rates are so high and you’re getting 5% on your treasury notes and on and on. So what happens? Now they’re lowering it and you’re seeing gold prices going up already. This is going to be the year for gold.



By the way, my first buy of gold was I think was about $187.50 an hour back in the late 1970s. So I’ve been on this a long time. Never have I seen an opportunity like the one coming up now. This is going to also be the beginning of the death of the dollar. That’s what’s so important. You’re already seeing now China and Russia, no more dollar trade. Iran, no more dollar trade.



You’re going to start seeing the bricks, no more dollar trade. This is the end of the American empire. And the dollar is going to go down. If they get rid of the petro dollar, kiss it goodbye. And then you’re going to see gold prices soar. Does it happen quickly, Gerald, or is it a slow erosion? No, the erosion is already in front of everybody’s eyes. It’s just going to become official.



when something like that happens. Again, like they call war begins when, quote, something official happens. So it’s already gonna go down. We’re saying that 2024 is gonna be the year for gold. We could see gold prices easily, easily above $3,000 an ounce. It’s going to go. And again, you go back to 2023, oh, it was a record year for central banks buying gold, wasn’t it?



That’s right. Again, this is the beginning of the death of the dollar. The world, again, we only get the news from the West. The rest of the world is disgusted with what America is doing, geopolitically and economically. They’ve had enough and they’re pulling out. And to that point, I mean, I mentioned people are still surprised when we talk about digital currency when it’s in front of our eyes, but they’re also still…



It doesn’t surprise you they still question the bricks. I mean everyone, not everyone, but a lot of people have been brushing them off saying they’re just a bunch of misfit countries. They don’t really matter. But now they’ve doubled in size on New Year’s Day by adding five new members, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE as new full members. So they keep gaining in strength. I mean how much longer can we brush them off for?



Well, again, we’re not brushing them off, just the people approaching them. No, no, I don’t mean we, me and you. I know, I’m saying they don’t count. They don’t know what’s going on. Again, why don’t we talk about Taylor Swift? Times person of the year, by the way. That’s the news. You know, I was looking at the top trends that they’re putting out. I went to CNN. The eight biggest makeup trend predictions of 2024.



Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Maybe we’re in the wrong business. You know, back in the day, by the way, I used to be on CNN all the time for the top trends. I used to be on everybody all the time. But now they don’t have me on at all because they don’t like what I have to say because I won’t go on. That’s when television was good. And Doug Casey was on Phil Donahue. Yeah. And you were on Oprah. I was on Oprah twice. I used to be on, I used to be on, and,



NBC, the Good Today show every year doing the top trends. Good Morning America, all of them, all of them. They don’t wanna hear it. Oh, and by the way, another big important thing is journalism is dead. You saw the article that just came out by Christmas Challenger in gray that showed how many journalists were fired in over the last year. Yes, and I think that’s really telling in itself



you know, in the 80s and the 90s, we had, you know, the Gerald Celente’s, the Doug Casey’s on daytime television, right? With intelligent questions actually being asked, with an audience that actually was invested and cared. And it’s like, where did that all go? You know, where did it all go? It’s the decline of society. I mean, it’s in front of everybody’s eyes. You know, you know, one of my books, I gave you this, the very thing I’ve written is my favorite.



when Zidzi gave Honey Boy, Zidzi’s the Neopolitan dialect for Auntie. And this is a picture of my parents’ wedding, 1934. My father worked in a fish store, they worked in factories. The dress, the style, the grace to the country used to have. And now it’s a slob show. You go in an airplane and look what the people look like. I mean, look at the people, you got your pajamas on.



I mean, it’s just a decline of society. By the way, people say I’m negative. No, I’m not negative. I’m showing what’s going on, but there’s a solution to it. And that’s a Renaissance. Again, what followed the Black Plague? The Renaissance. And what did they say in Italy? You could speak Italian, I can’t. How do they say, in the manner of the Romans and the ancients to describe the quality of their work? They were killing themselves with the filth and sanitation.



They said, we have to go back to when it was great. And they had the beautiful Renaissance, again, in the manner of the Romans and the ancients to describe the quality of their work. We need the Renaissance of what our ancestors came to this country for. That’s gone, gone. The bigs have taken over everything. No more grocery stores, no more hardware stores, no more stationary stores, no more drug stores. They’re all chains, all chains. So they did away with the Robson-Patman Act,



Clayton Antitrust Act, Glass-Steagall Act, one act after another that let the bigs get bigger. So we have to go back, we need a renaissance. To me that’s the only way it’s going to change. I absolutely agree. That’s why when I had Rick Rule on recently and he said he thinks life will be better in 15 years. I mean, I usually agree with him on points, but I was thinking, I just can’t, I can’t see it unless we were to go back to some sort of renaissance that you speak of.



And to your point about pajamas, I think in the little things we can do, you know, in our day to day. I love the fact that every time I see you, you’re decked out, you’re always polished, right? You’re never going to see you, Gerald in Lululemon’s holding a Starbucks cup running errands. Now I’m blessed, you know, again, you know, as I say, I’m a blessed guy of Anapoli Tarno, born in the Bronx, born to be free.



And it breaks my heart to see what’s happened to this country. Breaks my heart. Well, on that note, as we wrap, I mean, we covered a lot of trends for 2024. I’m going to give you the last word. I mean, you know, for the folks watching at home, I mean, many are investors. I’m sure they’re going to be listening to what you said about, about, about gold and doing their research there. Um, but you know, one, what should we be?



you know, how should we be preparing or what should we be doing? I mean, you know, you’re talking about World War III here, Joe. You know, the people have to stand up. You know, there’s a quote from St. Thomas Aquinas that anyone that is not angry when it’s morally just to be angry is immoral. And it’s time to be angry to see how these clowns call politicians have robbed us of our life.



liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is a dirty word. You’re not allowed to speak about it anymore. The people have to do something. They have to unite for a greater cause. And so people say, well, how should we do it? I say, well, only speaking for myself, you have to get in the best shape you can physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You know, they say critical care nurses say that the greatest regret of dying people is they didn’t do what they could have done the best that they could have done it. What took, take the



or take a profession or do what they wanted to do. Rather, they did something because it was paying them to do it. So, you know, I want to get out here on a high note. I just want to make it clear. I mean, I pulled a lot of crap in my life too. But, you know, I mean, I used to kill, I was killing environmental legislation at the height of the environmental movement back in the 1970s. I was a government affairs specialist for the chemical industry. But again, I wouldn’t know what I know if I wasn’t on the other side.



I was staying at the Willett Hotel at 28 years old and putting my meetings on at the Hay Adams right across the White House. But I learned, I started growing up and learning more. And so what I’m saying to people, don’t stop learning and get in the best shape you can. That’s the most important thing because your life is on the line and so is our country. And to do what you can to change the course. And again, it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather when I rate tireless minority



keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men, said Samuel Adams.



Well, on that note, Gerald, I cannot wait to see you again in person in Kingston. And you’re talking about getting in the best shape of your life. So I have something here for you that I’m going to bring to Kingston next time I see you. It’s not going to help you get in shape, but it’s your panettone. So you don’t want to see the calorie count on this, but I’m bringing it to you. So thank you.



We’ll have some good chats and time together, right? You have to make the best of life. And that’s, you know, surrounding yourself. I grabbed that espresso, those beans by hand. The best coffee I ever had, ever, period. I’ll count. I wish I was your neighbor, because I’d come over every day for one of those. But I thank you, Gerald. Thank you so much, Gerald. And I know we covered a lot of complex topics, so I urge everyone to get a copy of Gerald’s Trends Journal, reread it.



multiple times prepare and I also want to say if you have questions about any of the topics we covered or you know need a strategy for 2024 you can reach out to one of my colleagues over at ITM you can book an appointment with them in the Calendly link below in the description. Gerald I know we’ll be touching base I always say I really hope none of your forecasts pan out. Me too. And we’ll speak soon okay.



Okay. Ciao ciao. And thank you all for watching. We’ll have more great content coming your way, so be sure to stay tuned to the Daniela Campanella show now on ITM Trading. And don’t forget to sign up at dani to stay on top of it all. That’s it for me. Thanks for watching.
















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