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Jim Rickards Warns Real Danger is Not U.S. Treasuries Collapsing but Something Far Worse

The Daniela Cambone Show May 30, 2024

Russia could retaliate by freezing the entire Western clearance system, warns Jim Richards, New York Times bestselling author. In an exclusive interview with Daniela Cambone, Richards explains that if Western countries seize Russian assets, Russia could sue Euroclear, the largest clearing, settlement, and custody organization in Europe, to recover damages. “You could throw a monkey wrench into the entire global clearance and settlement system by disrupting Euroclear, which is probably second only to DTCC in terms of settlement and clearance.” Additionally, Richards states that we may need to return to the gold standard to restore confidence in the U.S. dollar. “But if you have to go back to a gold standard, $27,000 would have to be the price in order to avoid massive deflation.”

00:00 Trump presidential election
8:00 Kevin O’Leary’s view on Trump trial
10:35 Biden campaign
14:40 Gold price
18:59 Seized Russian assets
26:08 Currency war
32:28 BRICS
37:18 China gold hoard
40:17 Stagflation













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