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“Extreme” Times Right Now, Worse than 1970s, Dollar Collapse is Next

The Daniela Cambone Show May 3, 2024

John Rubino, former Wall Street financial analyst, author, and founder of DollarCollapse.com, sounds a stark warning: ‘People who are hurt by the inevitable results of this process are the ones who trust the government.’ In his sobering analysis, he outlines a bleak future for the U.S. economy, where mounting debt and escalating interest costs cripple the government’s ability to provide for its citizens. The repercussions? A widespread suffering for those dependent on government aid. Rubino points to Japan’s struggle with a plummeting yen and soaring interest rates as a cautionary tale of the perils of unchecked debt. In the face of such financial uncertainty, he urges individuals to safeguard their assets by investing in gold and silver.

00:00 Dollar collapse
4:00 U.S. dollar reserve currency
6:22 Economic repercussions
9:59 Gold reserves
13:54 China gold purchase
15:44 Japan’s trouble
18:04 Consequences of trusting the government
21:31 Gold
27:18 Housing purchasing
29:09 Concluding words














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