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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Prashanthigirl – Can you explain how there can be economic growth without inflation? I hear conflicting opinions on this and am very confused.

Question 2. Independent Thinker: If someone has precious metal IRA’s (Roth or traditional) set up through a trust company, would those assets be subject to a bail-in? How about an IRA held with a stock brokerage (TD Ameritrade, for example)–would those be subject to a bail-in?

Question 3. Jamie S: Will coins such as quarters, nickels and dimes retain their value during a reset? I ask because the Federal Reserve Banks pay face value for those items vs ten cents for a $100 bill. If yes, wouldn’t it make sense to save quarters (even $1 coins) vs. paper currency?

Question 4. Stephen F: How can the banks be printing UNLIMITED amounts of currency ie. Quantive Easing if the Fractional Reserve Laws allows them to only print 10 times as much as they have on deposit?

Question 5. JM: I have often wondered if the slabs (PCGS, ANACS, NGC, etc.) aren’t easier to counterfeit than a coin. In other words, what if the counterfeiters put a MS-60 coin (U.S. old gold or silver dollars, etc.) into a slab that they have as MS-65? BIG DIFFERENCE in the prices of these grades!

From our buyer: Grading services have various tactics they employ to help them make the holders tamper resistant; however, many counterfeit holders have surfaced. The better counterfeits even use (fake) Label Inserts with accurate Certificate Numbers which match the actual coins’ date and description. At that point the coins provenance is investigated and usually they all come from China. The Grading services always appreciate the help of the coin community to get as many examples of these counterfeit holders off the market as possible. They always appreciate the opportunity to view the fakes for their catalogue of “fakery”. Overall, this is a small problem; I have only seen a dozen or so fakes like this over the years. As before, this is a fine reason that coins should be bought from reputable dealers.