There are many varieties of Chilean gold coins available, almost as many as there are theories as to how Chile got its name. One suggestion is that the name came from a Native American Mapuche word “chilli” meaning “where the land ends.”

Chile is situated on southern half of South America’s west edge and takes up the coastal portion from the southern boarder of Peru to the icy tip of South America’s Tierra del Fuego.

Although he was unsuccessful, the Spanish explorer Diego de Almargo ventured to conquer the native Incas and Araucanian tribes in 1536. In 1541, a second Spaniard Pedro de Valdivia had better luck in the attempt and founded the future capital city of Santiago. Chile set up its own national government in 1810, and full independence was gained in 1818.

Over the many years Chile has minted several denominations of gold coins and over the last two centuries has done so in varying diameters and differences in gold content fineness.

100 pesos – 1926-Present
50 pesos – 1926, 1961, 1965, 1973
20 pesos – 1896- 1917, 1926-1980
10 pesos – 1851-1892, 1895-1901
5 pesos – 1851-1873, 1895-1900
2 pesos – 1873
1 pesos – 1860-1869

Obverse (Front)
Depicts a wreathed female head representing the Republic, clothed in a Chilean dress with a five pointed star on the shoulder. Arched over the figure is the inscription: “REPUBLICA DE CHILE”, and the date lies below.

Reverse (Back)
Shows the coat of arms of Chile with a Five pointed star on shield topped with a plume of feathers, supported by two crowned national animals: the condor (a very large bird in the Andes mountains) and the huemul (an endangered white tail deer), and the inscription, for example the 100 peso reads: “CIEN PESOS, 100 Ps DIEZ CONDORES.” To the right is the mint mark for the Santiago mint in Chile which is a curious capital “S” with a lower case “o” over it.

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