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The Exit Strategy: Good For the Few by Lynette Zang

In UNICORNS & FANTASY we examined the rise of the global corporate unicorn club where start-up companies use a GBF (Get Big Fast) business model that focuses on moving into an established business sector and under cutting prices to grow…

HOW CLOSE IS THE NEXT CRISIS: The Patterns Are Telling… by Lynette Zang

Mixed messages and confusion are the norm these days. We’re told that even though the rest of the world is slowing, here in the US we’re doing great thanks to consumer spending. Except that in December, retail sales plummeted, including…

FINAL MELT UP BEGINS? Markets 2 / Fed 0

Markets 1 / Fed 0 After securing free money for corporations through tax reform and repatriation, in January 2018, the Fed began “running off” their balance sheet, which simply means they no longer reinvested interest or maturing principal on a…

THE 5 DOOM LOOPS OF A CRISIS: What You Need to Know. By Lynette Zang

When we talk about patterns, no discussion would be complete without examining the pattern of a “Doom Loop”. In fact, there are five key “Doom Loops” seen during financial crisis’s: The Intermediary, Sovereign, Collateral, Hedging and ultimately, the Real Economy…

FOUR BIG C’s LEADING THE CRASH: Confusion, Contraction, Contagion, Chaos By Lynette Zang

The US government is now in its 12th day of an ongoing shut down, extending the political confusion that began in 2018. China’s PMI didn’t just show a slowdown, it showed a contraction. It wasn’t just visible in china, because…

SOMETHING NASTY THIS WAY COMES: Central Bank and Market Warnings By Lynette Zang

President Trump tried to insure a continued market surge via tax law changes. It didn’t work. The markets cracked the end of January and at this writing, every major index and almost every stock is in bear market territory. The…

ENTERING THE MINEFIELD: Is Your Armor Ready? By Lynette Zang

In 1986 the British Bankers’ Association first published LIBOR interest rates (consensus of 15 commercial banks), which went on to become the most important number in the financial world, with over $300 trillion financial contracts tied to it. As the…

ETF-YOU: Will You Get Screwed? By Lynette Zang

In the 2000’s wall street created a new product. Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs, which were sort of a hybrid between mutual funds, because they appeared to hold a diversified portfolio, but like a stock, they could be traded any…

THE DISAPPEARING ACT: No Buyers. No Market by Lynette Zang

Wall Street media seems confused by wild price swings in the stock market. I don’t know why they should not be so surprised since the base of buyer in the stock market has been shrinking since changes to decimalization of…

THE BOTTOM FELL OUT: Market Support Just Crumbled by Lynette Zang

How do we know when seasons change? There is a recognizable pattern shift. If you live in the north east, as summer changes to fall the air cools and leaves change. The same things also happens in Arizona, but the…


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