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CURRENCY DESTRUCTION: How to Protect Against US & China Currency War… by Lynette Zang

In 1945, global governments agreed to peg (link) their fiat (by decree) currencies to the USD, which was pegged to gold at a rate of $35 per ounce, meaning the US agreed to convert dollars into gold on demand at…

DB A VERY DANGEROUS DEVELOPMENT How Deutsche Bank & High Risk Bets Can Cause the Collapse… by Lynette Zang

In a debt based monetary system, banks control the flow of credit, and therefore money, in the economy. That’s why bank and bank profits are so important to central banks and why authorities take a hands-off approach to “financial engineering”…

THE GLOBAL CRISIS: Clues from Japan’s Central Bank on The Global Crisis By Lynette Zang

Many people think that the current fiat money regime can go on forever and point to Japan as a prime example. Afterall, their economy collapsed in the early 1990’s after decades of rapid economic growth. In 1992 the BOJ began…

LIQUIDITY FREEZE AHEAD: Why & How Fiat Wealth Freezes By Lynette Zang

In part 1 of this series, we discussed the importance of collateral quality in this debt-based system, which, since 2008, has transitioned into one based on short-term, wholesale debt provided by corporations and vulnerable to runs that could see their…

COLLATERAL DAMAGE: The Rise of Insolvent Zombie Firms By Lynette Zang

“The Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 was not the result of an unfortunate convergence of a number of bad factors, but was the result of a long-term, permanent, transformation of the U.S. financial system into one involving significant amounts of wholesale…

THE ETF EXPLOSION: Algorithm Illusions That Can Freeze Your Wealth… by Lynette Zang

When one door closes, another one opens. In 2008 an experimental derivative called a CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligation) dried up and sent the world into the “Great Recession.” Since then, there has been an explosion in a new derivative called…

CRASH SIGNALS 101: Rush IPO’s and False Valuations… by Lynette Zang

The Unicorn IPO rush is on with first day pops proving how hungry the markets are for new issues. Is the a continuation of a “real” bull market or is the rush to market typically experienced just before a market…

MODERN MONEY THEORY: Is This the Next Step? By Lynette Zang

The recent about face by global central banks shows the world that they have used up the experimental tools created during the 2007 financial crisis. In addition, they’ve made it clear, the free money punch bowl will NOT be taken…

BANKS (3) / PUBLIC (0): Will You Agree?

Constitutionally the government is supposed to exist for the benefit of the public. We’re told that the Federal Reserve was created by congress to provide a safer, more flexible and stable monetary and financial system. It seems the way governments…

The Exit Strategy: Good For the Few by Lynette Zang

In UNICORNS & FANTASY we examined the rise of the global corporate unicorn club where start-up companies use a GBF (Get Big Fast) business model that focuses on moving into an established business sector and under cutting prices to grow…


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