Only physical gold offers complete financial security where other methods only offer exposure. As long as the gold is purchased from a reputable dealer, there is no need to worry about fraudulent stocks or corrupt corporations. Having actual gold as an asset is by far the safest, and historically the most reliable method for owning gold. There are two ways to buy physical gold, and ITM Trading offers both.

Buying Bullion
Bullion coins and bars are the first option. Made of solid gold, their value is determined solely by their gold content. Many investors prefer bullion because it tends to be the less expensive option and is easier to liquidate than rare coins. ITM Trading carries a wide selection of bullion coins from around the world, including Canadian silver maple leaf coins, and the gold maple leaf coin, which have some of the highest purity ratings of all bullion coins.

The benefit of owning gold through rare coins is that even when the market price of gold is down, these coins are still valuable for their rarity. Rare coins are not dependent on the price of gold, and there have been times when the demand for numismatic coins was so great, their value was higher than gold.

Additionally, because they are classified as collectibles, they are safe from government confiscation, and transactions are confidential. Because there are many varieties, selecting a numismatic coin requires research, and it’s always wise to seek professional advice before making such a large purchase.

Other Options are Risky
With stocks and shares, all you have is a share in an ounce of gold held in a distant bank. There are many unscrupulous individuals and institutions who will try to sell you gold that does not exist. In 1997 it was discovered that the Canadian mining company Bre-X had lied about its mine. It had claimed to have a gold deposit in Busang on the island of Borneo that contained over 70 million troy ounces of gold. They falsified their core samples by salting them with gold and were thus able to sell millions of shares in a worthless mine. The scheme collapsed and those in charge were arrested, but by the time the case ended, legal fees had drained the company coffers, and there was nothing left for investors to recover.

Financial Security with ITM
Whenever you compare the performance of gold to that of any other commodity or currency, gold always comes out ahead. ITM’s record of providing excellent customer service is just as reliable. So trust them to help you add gold to your portfolio, whether its bullion or rare coins. In the end, personal preferences and goals are just as important as the value of the coin of bar.