When you buy NGC graded coins at ITM Trading, or at ITMTrading.com, you are not only going to receive the physical gold or silver coin which you purchased, you are going to receive an NGC financial guarantee as well. In addition you will receive coin provenance and specific details about the NGC graded coin. In the world of rare coin investing and owning physical gold and silver coins, provenance and authentication are key.

You may be able to buy some gold or silver coins for a few dollars less at a pawn shop then you can buy NGC graded coins at ITM Trading for, but then wouldn’t you be buying loose coins from a pawnshop with no guarantee?

You Can Buy Gold Coins From Chumlee In Las Vegas, Or You Can Buy NGC Graded Coins From ITMTrading.com.
You Can Buy Gold Coins From Chumlee In Las Vegas, Or You Can Buy NGC Graded Coins From ITMTrading.com.

NGC is short for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. NGC is a company that was founded in 1987 in Parsippany, New Jersey. NGC relocated to Sarasota, Florida in 2004. In 2006 NGC moved into a large 60,000 ft.² secure building, still in Sarasota, Florida. NGC has an extensive website available at www.NGCcoin.com.

At the NGC website there are subscription services as well as freebies. Some of the subscription services allow the eager beginner and the studied numismatist alike access to facts that NGC has been gleaning since they started grading coins back in 1987. In fact, some estimates say that NGC has graded over 33 million coins. NGC reportedly has nearly 30 full-time coin graders.

These facts as well as coin populations and other information can be accessed directly with the subscription to www.NGCcoin.com. If you want to check out the population of the coin or how rare a coin is, or how many variations of that particular coin there may be, then this is a website that you need to spend some time at.

The NGC Website Is A Wealth Of Coin Information. Pun Intended.

ITM Trading maintains access to websites such as NGC’s, as well as other databases and professional trading publications. When you buy NGC graded coins at ITM Trading, we will be able to tell you certain things about the coin you are purchasing thanks to companies like NGC. For instance we will be able to tell you how many of those particular coins are known to exist, and how many of those particular coins are known to exist in a condition equal to or better than the specimen you are purchasing.

More Reasons to Buy NGC Graded Coins from ITM Trading: Anti-counterfeiting Measures.

When you buy NGC graded coins at ITM Trading, those coins will be delivered directly to you registered and insured through the United States Postal Service. In certain situations, you will receive your package from another carrier, however your package from ITM Trading will always be delivered to you registered and insured. Those NGC graded coins will arrive safely encapsulated in their plastic containers. These containers not only protect the coin from damage in the future and therefore financial depreciation and loss, but these clear coin containers also carry anti-counterfeiting measures.

For instance when you buy NGC graded coins from ITM Trading, there is a serial number that is not only unique to that coin and that clear plastic container, that is not only printed inside the container along with the other coin details, but that serial number is maintained in a database that is accessible by contacting NGC.

Buy NGC Graded Coins That Now Come In The EdgeView Coin Holder.
Notice The Serial Number Prominently Displayed On The NGC Label.

Being able to verify a particular coin by serial number and verifying that that serial number does in fact coincide with belonging to that type of coin, not only helps authenticate the coin, but this also discourages counterfeiters from producing large batches of counterfeit coins.

In addition to a serial number the NGC plastic coin capsule carries holographic anti-counterfeiting measures as well as tamper evident measures. Tamper evident measures prevent a counterfeiter from placing a counterfeit coin inside of a genuine NGC plastic coin capsule. The high production values of the plastic coin capsule itself serves as an anti-counterfeiting measure.

Since NGC has been grading and encapsulating coins and other strikes for almost 30 years, when you buy NGC graded coins from ITM Trading, there is often a history and trail showing when and where this particular coin was sold or bought. Being able to follow a trail really helps identify the coin is not only being unique, but also shows that there are not several counterfeits out there bearing the same serial number.

Another Reason to Buy NGC Graded Coins from ITM Trading: Dealer Surveys.

While dealer surveys may not seem like a big reason to buy NGC graded coins at ITM Trading, they are. ITM Trading is a company that prides itself in providing excellent service at fair prices. Companies that provide excellent service at fair prices need to sell the best products.

buy NGC Graded Coins From ITM Trading. A+ Rated By The BBB.
ITM Trading Maintains An A+ Rating With The Better Business Bureau.

NGC graded coins are among the best products of their type in the graded coin marketplace. It is reported that a survey of major coin dealers which was conducted by the trade associations known as the Professional Numismatists Guild which is otherwise called the PNG, and the Industry Counsel for Tangible Assets, or ICTA, found that when they asked participants to rate 11 different coin grading companies based on 12 different criteria which were weighted, only two companies earned a rating of “Superior”.

These companies were NGC and PCGS. You can buy NGC graded coins from ITM Trading. And you can buy PCGS graded coins from ITM Trading. Coins graded by NGC and PCGS, are the only types of graded coins that ITM Trading will buy or sell.

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