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Bitcoin is Compromised and Lost Its Way; Gold and Silver are the Only Sound Money – Ted Butler

The Daniela Cambone Show Mar 11, 2024

Join Daniela Cambone at PDAC for a riveting discussion with Ted Butler of The Morgan Report. Butler contends that Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETFs compromise the essence of Bitcoin, citing its fixed supply versus the derivative nature of ETFs. He emphasizes the enduring value of gold and silver as sound money, contrasting them with Bitcoin’s speculative nature. Butler also warns of China’s economic woes and their potential impact on the U.S. economy. Tune in for insightful analysis and valuable perspectives on finance and global economics.


00:00 Ted’s background
2:10 What drew Ted to gold/silver?
3:14 Bitcoin is compromised
4:09 Bitcoin investment
4:31 Gold/silver
5:32 BRICS/China
6:42 PDAC takeaway
7:22 CBDCs


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