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CRASH INDICATORS: Deficits and Debt do Matter

For the first four months of the current fiscal year, the US Federal Budget deficit exploded up 77% from the same period last year, reflecting the impact of tax breaks and greater government spending. Deficit spending is currently running at…

THE ILLUSION OF CHOICE AND SAFETY: When Washington and Wall Street Merge

Confidence in the banking system is critical to the fiat money system, that’s why the FDIC insurance scheme was created in 1933, to restore confidence in the banks. Much like the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act bank,…

FINAL MELT UP BEGINS? Markets 2 / Fed 0

Markets 1 / Fed 0 After securing free money for corporations through tax reform and repatriation, in January 2018, the Fed began “running off” their balance sheet, which simply means they no longer reinvested interest or maturing principal on a…

IF 2018 WAS LIKE 2008: Does 2019 Spell Trouble?

Stock markets in 2018 were compared to past fiat money crises’, from 1931 (when the fiat money experiment kicked into gear), to 2008, when the current iteration died and went on life support. But the depth of the current crisis…

HO HO HOLE: Don’t Let Your Wealth Disappear in 2019

Chaos reigns in the markets; US government is now in it’s 6th day of an on going shut down, it’s third this year, but certainly an indication of disfunction in Washington. Global growth prospects are dimming rapidly in China, Europe,…

WHO IS SELLING AND WHO IS BUYING? Real Estate and Risk Transfer

A 2016 article, “China’s Anbang Insurance Just The Tip Of The Iceberg For Foreign Investment In U.S. Real Estate”, CREDiFi reveals that a substantial price driver and support of US Real Estate were  rapidly expanding Chinese multinational companies that were…

GLOBAL CONTROL: Or Social Revolution, The Choice Is Yours

Everyone Wants to Know: Will those that hold physical gold be those that hold the power of real money as the fiat money financial system collapses? On September 24th the trade war between the US and China escalated, as the…

TGIES Thank God It’s Earnings Season

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been in and out of bear market territory since February. Could that be why that sector had a $1 to $2,072.65 Buy / Sell ratio? Because even though the markets are no longer at…

Insider Trading: Trade Wars and Tax Cuts

The stock market roller coaster continues into March. In January cash repatriation and corporate tax cuts sent the stock markets to all time highs. The Gift That Keeps on Giving This government gift to corporations is expected to cost taxpayers…

Insider Trading: The Most Expensive Stock Market in History

  1/10/2018 – Insider Trading: The Most Expensive Stock Market in History by Lynette Zang We are now in our 14th week of all sector selling but not all sectors buying. In addition, last week there was a huge spike…


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