9-26-17 Live Viewer Q&A With Lynette Zang And Eric Griffin.

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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Daniel C: At what point would the “banks” cease manipulating the precious metals market? When would it be to their advantage and what would prevent them from re-manipulating this market at some point after the reset?

Question 2. Alfian Abdul Halin: I hear many gold n silver advocates (including ITM) say keep 5-20% of your wealth in precious metals. However just wondering about someone who is just starting out, but at the same time does not own any significant amount of other investments (ie the remaining 80-95% of their wealth). Do they start accumulating metals to a certain limit and only then begin accumulating other assets? Or since they’ve started late, just accumulate metals all the way until the reset? I’m just thinking, even if they do the latter, they won’t be at a loss since metals can always be converted back into other forms of asset?

Question 3. Raw Evidence: I understand ETFs are manipulating the price of gold by up to a factor of 100 let’s say 10 which gives us the “true” value of gold to be $10,000. In that case, if gold has kept it’s purchasing power, shouldn’t the example suit Miss Zang uses be $10,000 suit and not $1000 suit. Or at the very least to represent that the value of gold has been artificially kept low then the suit should be cheapy $100 suit. What I’m trying to get at is why use an example showing purchasing power remaining constant? Either show the artificially low price of gold or it’s true higher value. By showing a constant purchasing price it indicates that gold is correctly valued, which we all know it isn’t.

Question 4. S404n1tn0cc: What your saying is the checking and saving value turn into common shares…But not Preferred shares. And what your saying is that we’re bailing out the Preferred share holders or Capitol trust holders.

Question 5. Raised Fist: When the market collapses, and gold soars, I’ve noticed on the charts from 2000 and 2008 at some point, the gold price plummets, and soon after that skyrockets. I’ve put a lot of thought into why the gold price goes down this much, and reached the conclusion that investors have to cover their short positions in metals and there’s no buyers on the other side…therefore they have to sell whatever the market wants to buy…and that is gold.

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