9-19-17 Live Viewer Q&A With Lynette Zang And Eric Griffin.

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Near the end of the Live Viewer Q&A Lynette and Eric discuss military spending, the UN, and North Korea. Here are the relevant links:

Senate overwhelmingly backs bill to pump $700 billion into military:

Trump Called Kim Jong Un ‘Rocket Man’:

Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1: Mr. Eq: Do you think Silver Eagles, which as you know are U.S. currency, have an advantage in the future over foreign coins and/or plain bullion?

Question 2: The Real Miracle Worker: You say you won’t digitize your gold, and live by the mantra “if you don’t hold it you don’t own it”, but how far to you extend that? I guess what i am asking is do you trust the company’s like Brinks to hold your gold, another well-known example here would be Goldmoney. I just never liked the idea of having too much gold and silver at home, thinking it may be stolen.

Question 3: Brendon F: Derivatives have been described as weapons of financial destruction.  I have heard that in the next financial crisis, a derivatives bubble may implode causing this financial destruction. Could you explain what a derivative is?  Why would a derivatives bubble implode?  What would the popping of the derivatives bubble mean for the average person?

Question 4: Chronotriggerfan: Well, China has outlawed domestic ICOs. So much for ACChain enslaving the world with tea contracts, eh?

Question 5: Djester1313: Lynette in your opinion, should l keep cash on hand or should I invest most into metals and keep 3-6 months of bill paying cash on hand?


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