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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Dennis S: Can you give us what percentage of our assets we should hold in gold? It is costly to take money out of our IRA’s, are you saying we will lose it anyway and are you suggesting to take all of our retirement and convert to gold.  Or are there other ways to diversify retirement that would protect it during and after a crash or intense down turn?

Question 2. Boyd A: Dr. Stephen Leeb observes that the Chinese appear to have pegged the Chinese Yuan to Gold for the last 8-12 months ( Does this mean on March 26, 2018 when the petro yuan is launched that we can consider the yuan is pegged to oil, and oil pegged to gold?  Should we expect a drop in the US Dollar (and rise in gold) following the launch, or will this have no or little effect for years to come?

Question 3. Eric Mcvey3: You say not the best to own gold ETFs? I have moved most of my IRA into gold based positions? You can’t own physical gold through your IRA as far as I know.

Question 4. Ben L: I buy MS70 silver eagles. Are those considered numismatics and will they be protected from future confiscations?

Question 5. Walter B: My gut knows there will be a reset but my brain refuses to believe. Why?