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ITM Trading Facebook Flash Five Presentation Q&A

Lynette Zang is the chief market analyst at ITM Trading. Eric Griffin is the chief operations officer at ITM Trading. Lynette has been a student of the markets, a stockbroker, a coin trader, and an outspoken opponent of fiat currencies…

Brexit Questions and Answers

Brexit Questions and Answers Video Brexit Questions and Answers YouTube Translation hi everybody Lynette zang chief market analyst here at itm trading a full-service physical precious metals brokerage house so this morning I’m going to do a Q&A a little different…

Britain’s Brexit

Video YouTube Transcription hi guys I am Lynette Zang chief market analyst here at ITM Trading I’m going to talk today a full-service physical precious metals brokerage house and I’m actually going to talk today about one of my favorite…

Economic News 3-23-2017

Video YouTube Translation Hi guys Lynette Zang chief market analyst here and I am trading a full-service physical precious metals brokerage house Well there were lots to talk about today but I want to start with what’s going on at Wells…

A-Mark Bullion Update

3.29.2017 Since the beginning of March, US equities have been on a steady decline but the selling pressure waned over the past two days.  The Dow held its 50 day moving average yesterday and rallied 150 points today.  The Dow’s…

A Great Reason To Buy Gold Now

There are many good reasons to buy gold right now. Among those reasons are failing fiat currencies, inflation, government misspending, crooked banks, and rigged markets just to name a few. In this short article, however, we will discuss a great…

Retirement Tsunami

Free Webinar The Retirement Tsunami Has Begun There are 76.4 million baby boomers in the US. 10,000 of them turn 65 per day and most are fiscally unprepared for retirement in what is call a “Gap Trap”. Most will be…

Fed raising rates pension plans

Video Why The Fed Raising Interest Rates Matters Power Point   Google Translation The Real Reason Why The Fed Raised Interest Rates Hi guys Lynette Zang chief market analyst here at ITM Trading a full-service physical precious metals brokerage house. Today I want…

ITM Trading Questions and Answers 3-16-2017

video Links Market Patterns How to Identify the Phases of a Trend – Run time: 32:34 YouTube Translation Good Morning! We are here this morning with our chief market analyst Lynette bank and as a continuation of last week we’re…


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