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Demand Supply Manipulation of Gold

Video Webinar slides Gold Market Supply, Demand and Manipulation Of Gold Prices – Just A Little Peek Complete webinar https://www.itmtrading.com/blog/the-crisis-the-bail-in-and-the-sdr/        

A-Mark Bullion Update

1.17.2017 With the US off yesterday for MLK Jr. Day, gold pressed higher yet again in thin trading conditions.  President-elect Trump’s remark that the USD is “too strong” caused the USD to sell off while fresh longs lifted gold further…

A-Mark Bullion Update

1.12.2017 Gold was trading heavily yesterday until Trump’s first presidential press conference provided a lifeline for it to move higher.  After several months of risk-on trading sentiment spurred by Trump’s election victory, his press conference seemed to provide more sobering…

Impenetrable Gold Vaults

Gold has been prized for centuries and millennium as both a currency and a display of wealth. Today, people of all cultures and backgrounds still adorn themselves with gold jewelry, and gold is still in use as a hard currency.…

Are These Solid Gold Cars?

“You can’t eat gold.” That is a common phrase and argument that you will hear out of gold naysayers. Perhaps it is one that has been programmed into them. On it’s face the statement is quite true. In reality, the…

A-Mark Bullion Update

1.10.17 Gold has been on a steady decline since Trump’s election victory (and a gradual decline since Brexit), but 2017 has been positive for the yellow metal so far. A retreating USD, consolidating US equity market, strong demand out of…

Silver Coins And Bars

Perhaps you had a grandparent that used to give you silver dollars at Christmas time or for your birthday. Maybe you used to get a silver dollar every now and again from the Tooth Fairy. If you are old enough…

India’s Currency Crisis

Right now in India, there is a currency crisis going on. India is not a rich country. India is, however, a very populated country. There are over 1 billion people living in India. This fact alone makes India’s currency crisis…

China dilutes the dollar in their trade-weighted basket.

Hello everybody its Lynette the chief market analyst here at itm trading and i know i did one of these yesterday but today some very important news came across my desk so we’re doing another one and that is that…


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