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Lynette’s Flash Five – Stock Market Manipulation -CalPERS Pension – World’s Oldest Bank Needs Bailout I’m the chief market analyst here at ITM TRADING and today I’m just going to update you on some things and then talk about two very important things now there is discussion of lopping off zeros on the Indonesian currency that’s because they say they want to simplify it. Well I don’t know if they talked to the people in Venezuela or in India. I don’t … Read More »

How To Use Metals In A Crisis

How To Use Metals In A Crisis

At ITM Trading we add new information to our website several times a week. Sometimes we add market reports or webinars that our chief market analyst Lynette Zang produces. We also add unique written content developed specifically for the clients of ITM Trading. From time to time the people who read the content we post will leave a comment. Often times in the comment the reader asks a question. These questions are usually the best questions because they address exactly … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

12.20.2016 While the FOMC delivered the rate hike that the market expected last Wednesday, the language that was conveyed during the meeting caught participants off guard. Specifically, the Fed expressed a hawkish outlook in 2017 with three instead of two planned rate hikes and a longer term rate target moved higher to 3.00% from 2.875%. The USD rallied post-FOMC and the USD index touched highs it hadn’t been at since 2003. With the USD surging, gold gave way and sold … Read More »

2008 Crisis

2008 Was A Warning

2008 Financial Crisis!  30 Minutes of Vital, Never-Heard-Before Information.     Lynette Zang is the chief market analyst at ITM Trading. For quite some time now she has been producing webinars which convert complex market information into usable information that is easy for everyone to understand. Lynette has a way of taking the complex and presenting it in a simple fashion. In addition to this talent, Lynette has the dogged determination to chase down and present the facts to accompany … Read More »

Venezuelan Crisis Update

Venezuelan Crisis Update

Venezuela and it’s currency, the bolivar, have been in trouble for quite some time now. ITM Trading’s chief market analyst Lynette Zang covered hyperinflation and Venezuela in a webinar available here. I have previously written a couple of short articles available here and here that will quickly explain why Venezuela is in the state of currency collapse that it currently is. There is a whole world besides Venezuela, however, so it had been a little while since I checked up … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

12.14.2016 ALL EYES ON THE FED!  The much anticipated December FOMC meeting finally arrives tomorrow with 100% of economists polled on Bloomberg anticipating a rate hike.  While the decision tomorrow already seems like a foregone conclusion, activity this week has been muted ahead of it.  Today, the February gold contract had its smallest volume day (137,000 lots) since it became the active Comex futures contract a few weeks ago.  Coin and bar demand in North America is lackluster and the … Read More »

The New Muslim Gold Influence

Muslim Gold Influence

As Americans, many of us are rather ignorant of Muslims and why the news of Islamic Gold could have an effect on gold prices. Decades ago when there was no internet and trans-continental travel was required to bring the world closer together, the Middle East and the people that lived there seemed ridiculously far away.  Fast-forward to today where immigration and technology have been dominating, and it’s a different story. Muslims now number roughly 25% of the world population and … Read More »

Lynette Zang’s Live On Facebook

Lynette's Flash Five News

Join us for our next Facebook live chat. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and you will be notified of all our live talks. Go to ITM Trading’s Facebook page by clicking this link or by going to Dec 12/12/2016 India Currency Rupee Large Notes “Retired” Limit on Gold Imports Hi everybody welcome to today’s session of fast and five we’re going to go through a few things first and then we’re going to get to the meat … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

12.06.2016 The Dow reached an all-time high yet again yesterday and the USD remains at lofty levels.  One, or both, of them is going to have to give up recent gains in order for gold and silver to break higher from current levels.  The major sovereign mints of the world are in the process of switching production from 2016-dated to 2017-dated coins.  In the US market, the two sovereign mints that garner the most attention from participants are the Royal … Read More »

What Is Hyperinflation Like ?

Hyperinflation is a very real threat. In fact, fiat money systems always suffer from hyperinflation, and fiat money systems always die. So, what is hyperinflation like ? Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading created a webinar video specifically on this topic. Her webinar entitled “Day to Day Living in Hyperinflation” is available here. Following is a brief written synopsis of her webinar and graphics. Shop for gold and silver online. ITM Trading’s gold and silver store Before we … Read More »