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A-Mark Bullion Update

8.30.2016 With the UK out yesterday for a bank holiday, the precious metals started off the week quietly (even by August standards). A boring session was probably necessary though after the volatile trading day seen on Friday in the wake…

Investing in Gold? Gold Is Like A Financial Possum

A possum is a marsupial. Marsupials are rather unusual because they just tend to do things differently. So differently, in fact, marsupials are their own special infraclass of mammals, but more on that in a little bit. Possums are unique…

The Glory Days Of Gold

Sometimes coming up with an idea for an article isn’t easy. After all, writing a thousand words every couple of days tends to eat up ideas, research, and topics. I asked a very dear friend for an idea, and she…

Owning Gold In Venezuela

Many different types of people call ITM Trading to buy gold coins and gold bars. Some are doctors and lawyers and some are housewives and soldiers. Every type of American owns gold. One thing that many of these people have…

Financial Evolution And Extinct Furniture

Times seem to change right around us and we don’t see it. Evolution is slow, but it is constant. While Darwin may argue otherwise, evolution is not always for the better, especially financial evolution. Financial evolution is trending towards a…

A-Mark Bullion Update

8.23.2016. On Friday, silver closed at $19.305 basis the active September silver contract. The open on Sunday gapped immediately lower though and saw over 5.5 million ounces trade in the opening minute. Silver traded all the way down to $18.83…

Hyperinflation In The US?

Sometimes in the news, you hear about hyperinflation happening in another country. Hyperinflation is the rapid loss of the purchasing power of a currency. Sometimes hyperinflation is more recognizable as rapidly rising prices, or even the complete lack of items…

A-Mark Bullion Update

8.16.2016. As has been typical during this last month of summer so far, it has been yet another quiet start to the week for the precious metals.  Gold remains range bound with support at the recent double bottom of $1,330…

Really Old Gold Coins

Sometimes investments go awry, and when they do, they go awry for a variety of reasons. Maybe mismanagement is one reason for losses, perhaps incompetence is another. Greed, theft and avarice can also be contributing reasons as to why what…

A-Mark Bullion Update

8.9.2016 It has been an absolutely lethargic start to the week for the precious metals. Gold has traded in a mere $12 range so far this week and its attempt today to recover from Friday’s strong payroll figure was underwhelming…


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