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Can Hyperinflation Really Happen?

CAN HYPERINFLATION HAPPEN IN AMERICA? Most people don’t believe that the US dollar could lose all value. After all, it’s been around our entire lives. But so has inflation. Personal experience proves that fiat money inflation makes everything we buy…

Diamonds Vs. Gold As A Currency

Are diamonds a currency? Some investors would have you believe that diamonds are money. Diamonds may be a store of wealth, or they may not be. You may want to read this article and this article and then decide for…

Common Counterfeits In The US

Counterfeit gold and silver coins can cost a buyer plenty of money. Paying for gold and getting lead can really hurt the bottom line. So can buying a rare American gold coin only to find out that the mint mark…

A-Mark Bullion Update

7.19.2016. Just as the market was about to close this past Friday, news broke out of a military coup in Turkey.  Gold immediately rallied $15 as geopolitical concerns over the NATO-member attracted bids to the safe haven allure of the…

Banking Security Is Getting Hacked, Alot.

Old-fashioned bank robberies complete with a mask and a get-away driver are,well, old-fashioned. Really old-fashioned bank robberies involved at least a six-shooter, a horse, and a wayward cowboy. Today bank robberies happen much more often than you may realize, and…

A-Mark Bullion Update

7.15.2016. The Bank of England kept its key interest rate unchanged at .50% and signaled that further stimulus will come in August to aid the post-Brexit economy.  Economists had factored in an 80% chance that Britain would lower its benchmark…

A-Mark Bullion Update

7.12.2016. With the Dow Jones and the S&P challenging all times highs, gold is finally showing some vulnerability and has traded lower for the second day in a row.  This past Friday’s strong US jobs number provided a sense of…

A-Mark Bullion Update

7.6.2016. Despite the US being absent from the market yesterday for the July Fourth holiday, there was still plenty of movement in the precious metals.  In thin trading conditions during the Asian time zone, silver ran all the way up…

A-Mark Bullion Update

As far as US equities are concerned, the fallout from Britain’s referendum to leave the European Union is already ostensibly an afterthought. Following a two day plunge for the Dow, it has now spent the last three days recovering nearly…

Silver Value Or Collector Value?

There are all types of things that people collect. Bert from Sesame Street collected bottle caps. I believe “Figgy Fizz” was his favorite one. In general, used bottle caps don’t have much value. There may be too many of them…


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