A-Mark Bullion Update

5/26/2016. With the UK closed this coming Monday for a bank holiday and the US heading into a three day weekend for Memorial Day, the markets are likely to finish out this week quietly.  The USD has finally started to back off its recent highs with the USD index trading lower for the second day in a row.  This has not translated into a sustained rally in gold though, participants still view this as a “sell rally” type market right … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

5.24.2016. The USD, which is at a two month high against the euro and a three week high against a basket of currencies, continues to dictate the direction of the precious metals.  Gold has traded lower for five consecutive sessions now and finally broke decisively below its 50 day moving average, a level that it more or less held above for the prior three days.  Unable to attract bids in the face of the strong dollar, gold collapsed to finish … Read More »

Are Words Worth More Than Gold?

Worth More Than Gold : Alitalia

Everyone has heard the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words…” but can a few words be worth more than their proverbial weight in gold? After all, right now gold is weighing in at around $1250 an ounce and climbing. Are words worth more than gold? Yes is the answer, sometimes. This ITM Trading blog article will take a look at some times when a few words, either written, heard or recorded ended up costing someone serious money. … Read More »

The Best Time To Buy Gold: During Retail Collapse?

The Best Time To Buy Gold; Closed Mall

Long-term investing is really about recognizing long-term trends, essentially, and it always has been. There used to be an investing strategy called “buy and hold” that boiled down to buying large blue chip stock positions as early in life as you could and through the magic of the stock markets you would be able to retire on your stock gains and dividends. Warren Buffet himself has said that the “buy and hold” strategy is dead. Markets move too quickly these … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

5.19.2016. Prior to the FOMC statement yesterday, gold was already on shaky ground as it continually tested support ($1,268 at the time) on a trendline dating back to the beginning of the year.  Post FOMC, gold was unable to maintain its footing above this area and the yellow metal completely broke down.  The Fed minutes rattled markets that had, until recently, all but ruled out the possibility of a US interest rate rise in June.   Fed officials stated that a … Read More »

Once Golden Retailers Continue To Close Doors

Once Golden Retailers Continue To Close Doors : Nordstroms

I have written about large format stores closing in the past. While you may not see what an article titled Once Golden Retailers Continue to Close Doors has to do with gold or the need to own gold, there is a common thread inherent to gold, stocks, commercial real estate, and private housing real estate: you. Chances are if you an average American, you own a home, have a 401k and/or IRA, and live somewhere near large commercial real estate … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

5.17.2016 .US equities started off hot today but quickly reversed course after the release of US economic data and commentary from a Federal Reserve official.  Consumer prices jumped the most in more than three years as CPI m/m came in at .40% versus economists’ estimates of .30%.  The rise in consumer prices, an indication of inflation picking up towards the Fed’s eventual goal of 2%, was largely attributed to gasoline prices surging the most in four years.  Atlanta Fed President … Read More »

Retirement Mistakes To Avoid

Retirement Mistakes : Stock Market

Recently Kiplinger released a report listing some common retirement mistakes. After reading the report, I have to agree with much of what they say and recommend. The senior analysts at ITM Trading spend a substantial part of their days speaking to people just like you who are trying to safeguard and grow their wealth. In those conversations, the analysts hear all types of different ideas and investment products that clients have tried. Some work and some don’t. Retirement mistakes are … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

May 10, 2016. US non-farm payrolls disappointed on Friday of last week, adding just 160,000 jobs in the month of April.  This was the worst figure since October of last year and well below the consensus estimate of 200,000.  Despite the economic release, the USD shrugged off the news and the USD index is now up for the sixth day in a row.  USD strength weighed on gold over the weekend and Asia entered the market as a seller on … Read More »

Reputable Gold Investments Vs. Reputable Companies

Reputable Gold Investments : Tiffany Gold Jewelry

There are companies and agencies around the world that do little more than collect data and issue opinions. In the financial world, these companies are known as rating services. Moody’s and Dunn & Bradstreet would be examples of these types of companies. Other companies like J.D. Power and Associates specialize in services that help change the image of a company and raise the company’s social appeal. Gold as a reputable investment vehicle has an impeccable record. Some of the companies … Read More »