A-Mark Bullion Update

April 29, 2016. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve maintained the status quo on its key interest rates for the third time this year. The Fed’s monetary policy stance remains accommodative with the goal being further improvements in the labor market and a return to 2% inflation. After gold’s typical volatile jitters immediately following the FOMC, the yellow metal calmed down leading into the Asian time zones. In the overnight session, gold was trending lower until the Bank of Japan surprised the … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

April 27. 2016. Gold came into the US session today feeling heavy and looking like it would break below support at $1,230, the fourth point on a trendline dating back to mid-January.  It was given a lifeline by weaker than expected US economic data and was able to catch bids to reverse its course though.  US durable goods disappointed, coming in at .80% for the month of March versus the consensus of 1.9% by economists.  The USD fell to session … Read More »

Counterfeit Coin Countermeasures

Recently I wrote an article in response to a comment that was left by the reader of an article  on the ITM Trading website about counterfeit coins. You can read the article here. The article covered the first part of the multipart question asked by the reader. This article will focus on other ways to detect counterfeit coins, specifically simple counterfeit coin countermeasures, that I did not cover in the first article. However, if you did not read the previous … Read More »

Gold Vs Land – Gold Myths Busted

Recently I wrote an article about a Jim Rickards interview I listened to on the Coast to Coast AM radio show. If you don’t know who Jim Rickards is, then you should do yourself and your retirement portfolio a favor and look up his biography and accomplishments. Then you should buy his new book and read it. His book is titled The New Case For Gold, and during the interview, Jim spoke about his book and took questions from callers. … Read More »

Gold Surges As More Retailers Close

Is there a correlation between the rising price of gold and the number of businesses that are closing? 2016 has been a good year for gold. So far this year gold prices are up nearly 20% if you want to talk short-term gains. Retail, on the other hand, has not seen much growth. Especially brick and mortar retail stores. Several major retailers have announced either continued store closings or new store closings for 2016. Gold tends to be a safe-haven … Read More »

Interested In Gold, But Unsure.

Invest in Gold? A while ago the president and founder of ITM Trading, Craig Griffin, had a chance to interview Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money. Jim has a high powered mind that is often tapped by governments and corporations for his thoughts and ability to suss out complex financial and currency situations. If you do not know who Jim Rickards is, you owe it to yourself and your nest egg to do a bit … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

4.14.2016. After holding as support for five consecutive trading days last week, the 50 day moving average in gold finally gave up today. Gold topped out at $1,260 on Tuesday but sold off yesterday and has collapsed today more than $20.  Even yesterday’s geopolitical tension in the form of two Russian fighter jets exhibiting aggressive flight maneuvers near a US military vessel in the Baltic Sea was not enough to stem the selling pressure on gold.   The yellow metal was … Read More »

Silver Uses In Industry

Thousands of years ago silver was used as currency. Written history tells us this. Along the way and as time passes, however, more uses for silver have been found. Silver is not relegated to just being cast into coins any longer, although a sizable amount of mined silver ends up in silver coins such as the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Today there are many uses in industry for silver. Some of these silver uses in … Read More »

Jim Rickards Interview On Coast To Coast

Six Second Credit Card Hack

Recently on Coast To Coast AM, which is the largest and most heard late night radio show in the United States, radio host George Noory spent almost two hours conducting a Jim Rickards interview. Jim Rickards, who is also known as James Rickards, is an investment banker and he also holds two law degrees. Jim has an impressive resume as not only an author but also as a negotiator for the US in tense international affairs. During the Jim Rickards … Read More »

Subprime Auto Loan Defaults Increase – Gold Prices Do Too

As gold prices increase the talking heads and pundits that inhabit all of the financial news publications and productions have all types of predictions and prognostications about what will happen in the next cycle and when the gold price run-up will turn into a run-down.  Perhaps much more important than where the price of gold is today is what may be happening in the subprime auto loan market. I can tell you what is not happening in just one word; … Read More »