A-Mark Bullion Update

March 31, 2016. Gold closed today capping its best three month performance in over 25 years. The last time gold exhibited quarterly gains of more than 15% was Q3 of 1990! Financial turmoil across a variety of assets was the overarching theme this past quarter and the safe haven allure of gold proved to be an attractive calling to investors. USD weakness overnight allowed gold to extend gains up to $1,240 but quarter end mining sales sent gold lower during … Read More »

Coin Grading: The Evolution

Gold Coin Grading

Speaking from common sense, I imagine that coin grading began sometime shortly after coins began being coined. Archaeological findings tell us that coins have been around for thousands of years, and coins of gold and silver quite often date B.C. In any event, coin grading is a development that underwent it’s own evolutions to become a present day science and art of coin grading. By the way, the earliest version of coin grading was quite simple. There were two grades … Read More »

Holding Rare Gold Coins vs Collectible Toys

People collect all kinds of things. Rubber-band balls. Spoons. Refrigerator magnets. Matchbooks. Most of these collections are to satisfy inner fondness for certain items that appeal to a specific person, rather than build or preserve wealth. Holding rare gold coins may be a bit different than collecting Hot Wheels cars, but apparently holding rare gold coins and holding the right Hot Wheels toy car, or other iconic toys from years past can pay off big. The point of this article … Read More »

CEO Stock Options: Are They Hurting Your Retirement?

What is a CEO? CEO is an acronym for Chief Executive Officer. What is a stock option? Well, we will get to that. And we will also delve into how guys just like you and me, well, not me so much, go to work every day to make millions and maybe even billions for high-level executives and CEO’s. Why do CEO stock options end up cutting into your retirement or investment returns? I can’t resist. “They thought they were free.” … Read More »

How To Be Conscientious When Choosing A Gold Coin Dealer

Most Common Counterfeits: ITM Sells Real Gold And Silver

Now that you have decided to buy gold and silver coins and bars, there are a lot of questions you need to ask and a lot of research that needs to be done before you mail off a check or initiate a wire transfer with a gold coin dealer Fortunately, today there are more ratings and resources available to you that can help you choose the best gold coin dealer to buy rare gold coins and bullion from. You may … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

March 29, 2016. Returning from the long Easter weekend, the markets were quiet to kick off the week.  That trend continued into today until Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s speech at the Economic Club of New York.  Yellen stressed that the Federal Reserve will take a cautious approach to future rate hikes given the uncertain economic outlook.  She also revealed that should the economy stumble, the Fed will rely on bond purchases to boost it.  This was largely interpreted as … Read More »

Why Electronics Need Gold.

If you had not realized how important gold has become in how you move through everyday life, you are not alone. Most people are shocked to find that they need gold and rely so heavily on this element. Gold is listed on the Scientific Periodic Table of Elements because it is one of the pure elements that we find in the Earth’s crust. The periodic table of elements also notes that gold has a complete ring of outer electrons. For … Read More »

Clues In The News You Need To Buy Gold: Clue #2

Just as a doctor may see cancer where others see only a mole, or a mechanic may see expensive repairs where others only see a drop of leaking oil, a Gold Trading Insider sees items and articles in the news differently than those who are not educated and experienced in the ways currencies, finances, markets and investment vehicles. The purpose of these articles is to give the reader an insightful understanding into the news and economic matters that pop up … Read More »

Negative Yield Investments. Gold Is Not One.

A while ago I wrote about an article I read back in January of this year in the Financial Times. It was written by Merryn Somerset Webb and was entitled “Negative Yields Are Everywhere“. Initially it was the title of the article that drew me in. The reason being is that through my time working in banking, finance, business, and wealth preservation, I have seen the interest rate return on deposits guaranteed and not guaranteed shrink from the high single … Read More »

Buy NGC Graded Coins At ITM Trading

When you buy NGC graded coins at ITM Trading, or at ITMTrading.com, you are not only going to receive the physical gold or silver coin which you purchased, you are going to receive an NGC financial guarantee as well. In addition you will receive coin provenance and specific details about the NGC graded coin. In the world of rare coin investing and owning physical gold and silver coins, provenance and authentication are key. You may be able to buy some … Read More »