Owning Gold To Ward Off Financial Monkeys

You may associate owning gold with many things. A box full of shiny yellow jewelry. Perhaps a gold nugget tucked away in a safe. You may associate owning gold with your ETF account. Some people have gold in their teeth, while the closest other come to owning gold is having a fish. The truth is, unless you physically hold pure or very near pure gold coins and gold bars securely but close enough that you can always get your hands … Read More »

Toys That Are A Better Investment Than Gold

Recently I wrote an blog article called “Holding Rare Gold Coins vs Collectible Toys”. The point of the blog article was to illustrate that rarity along with condition and demand can drive prices to great heights in both the worlds of rare gold coins as well as collectible toys from yesteryear. While toys such as the Easy Bake Oven, Fisher Price roller skates and a Furby can fetch many times over their original retail price, rare gold coins can bring … Read More »

Gold Will Always Be Money. Here Is Why.

Gold Will Always Be Money Because Bomb Shelters Exist.

Gold has always been money throughout the recorded history of mankind. There is too much evidence to refute this. Gold coins from thousands of years ago are regularly found. Gold coins from one area of the world are found in shipwrecks on the other side of the globe, thus proving that gold coin was acceptable as and used as international payment. Pharaohs are found buried in gold tombs. Naysayers say that gold is no longer money, and that going forward … Read More »

Gold As A Hedge Against Financial Monkeys

Perhaps you have heard of using gold as a hedge and understand exactly what that means. Perhaps you have a hazy idea of what it means to use gold as a hedge. Less familiar than gold as a hedge is the term financial monkey. This is because I kind of made up the term “financial monkey”, but with good reason. In this blog article I will explain not only financial monkeys, but how to use gold as a hedge against … Read More »

Rare Gold Coins Vs Probate

Recently, dear reader, I wrote about an article written by Robert Wood for Forbes that was published in October 2014. What caught my attention about his article was that it dealt with gold and silver treasure that had been found after Vikings reportedly buried the precious metal treasure in the bogs of Scotland. Wood’s article and my writing based around his article also dealt with the taxation surrounding the findings of a rare silver cup and rare gold coins and … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

US equity weakness at the beginning of yesterday’s trading session caused gold to shoot up over $30.  It looked as if it was going to challenge the recent one year high at $1,263 but when equities, oil, and bond yields mounted a surprising rally, gold methodically trended lower as the day’s session came to a close.  Today proved to be a relatively dull day for the yellow metal… it held above $1,220, now a double support level, however, it showed … Read More »

Many Celebrities Buy Gold Coins

Many celebrities and powerful, wealthy people have been drawn to buy gold coins, for many different reasons. Some buy gold coins as an investment, because gold coins in general and rare gold coins in particular tend to hold their value and increase in value over time, and others buy gold coins because they like to collect gold coins and have a general interest in numismatics (the study of coins). There are very well recognized names that have been collecting gold … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

Following the two week run up in gold to kick off the month of February, the yellow metal has spent the last week consolidating in this new higher range. US data was positive this morning with January home sales rising .40% month on month versus the expectation of -2.50%, this was up 11% in comparison to January of last year. Existing home sales also came in at a six month high of 5.47 million units. Gold shrugged off the positive … Read More »

Pay The National Debt With A Gold Bar?

According to news reports, $674 billion has been added to the total debt just this past November, bringing the total US debt to over $18 trillion. Many economists would say that there is not enough gold bars in the coffers of the United States to pay this debt, should it ever be called due. However, according to some of those that have a more optimistic view and a higher understanding of how gold bars function as a currency, perhaps someone … Read More »

Rare Gold Coins vs Exotic Pets

Perhaps to make a comparison between rare gold coins and exotic pets seems a quite unusual comparison to make at first, perhaps after reading this blog article a little further you will see that there are indeed some paths that both of these entities, rare gold coins and exotic pets, take that will eventually cross. For instance, generally wealth of some type or another is needed to acquire both rare gold coins and exotic pets. So, while not every owner … Read More »