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A-Mark Bullion Update

The tumultuous start to the year for equities has once again given investors reason to contemplate having exposure in precious metals.  In the last week, investors have bought nearly 900,000 oz of gold via exchange-traded instruments backed by the metal. …

Pay Debt vs Buy Gold And Silver

Recently I wrote an article blog responding to a question that a reader of the ITM Trading website left in response to an article they had read.The question asked was about when to buy gold and silver. The question was…

Is There A Nazi Gold Ghost Train?

Recently for gold treasure buffs in general, and the residents of Wroclaw, Poland in particular, there has been exciting gold news! In the world of gold treasure hunting the existence of the mythical ghost train full of Nazi gold is…

Physical Gold And It’s Physical Properties

You may not believe in physical gold or even physical silver in the form of coins and bars as an investment, but truth be told, life as you know it today exists only because of the existence of physical gold.…

Banker Suicides – Is Something Going On?

I used to work at a bank. Perhaps you have too. I began as a teller back in 1990 when checks were on their way out and debit cards were on their way in and a Certificate of Deposit paid…

A-Mark Bullion Update

Chinese equity trading was halted again overnight for the second time this week. The yuan fixed at a new low and Chinese equities dropped 7%, the loss limit which halts trading. The dramatic sell off in China has sent shock…

IMF’s Plan for Cashless Society

“Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound” is an October 2015 study published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This research paper presents a new central bank tool that would empower central banks to drop interest rates below zero to “stimulate”…

Stock Market Cheerleaders

All the news channels and their stock market cheerleaders are abuzz with the wild swings in the stock markets around the world. The United States stock markets, and the Dow in particular, have not been immune to the heavy selling…


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