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Junk Silver – Here Are The Reasons To Buy Now

There are many reasons to purchase a bag of junk silver. Most Americans these days do not know what a bag of junk silver is, although I imagine that half a century ago most Americans actually had a jar of…

A-Mark Bullion Update

Yesterday’s Federal Open Market Committee was predominantly dovish.  The Fed left interest rates unchanged and the projection for further rate hikes for the remainder of the year was notably less ambitious than in previous meetings.  Gold had been trailing lower…

A-Mark Bullion Update

Over the last three weeks, the 100 day moving average (currently at $1,106) has rejected gold’s advances on four separate occasions.  Yesterday’s equity market sell off finally encouraged enough safe-haven bids to lift gold over this hump though. Traders who…

Stock Market Irrationality Blame Game

Last Friday I posted on the ITM Trading Facebook page an article that was surmising the large drops in the Dow Jones stock market industrial average on Thursday and Friday. These stock market drops delete hundreds of points each and…

West Point Mint – An Unusual US Mint

If you own gold American Eagles, or if you buy gold American Buffaloes both of those gold coins have one thing in common; both of these gold coins were produced at the West Point Mint. The West Point Mint is…

Chinese Currency Devaluation Explained

China is in the news a lot recently, should I say the financial news, due to a Chinese currency devaluation, but most people who do not study the markets were not involved in the markets professionally don’t truly grasp the…

A-Mark Bullion Update

At the European Central Bank meeting today, key interest rates and the existing 1.5 trillion euro monetary stimulus program were left untouched. In ECB President Mario Draghi’s commentary, the door was left open for further European stimulus measures to be…

A DOW Crash Of 1000 Points Means Expensive Trouble

One week ago today the market opened to a very sharp decline. In fact, the market suffered a 1000 point DOW crash in the first opening hour. Tumultuous days of trading ensued, with wild swings happening intraday, and the closing…

How To Profit In A Summer Gold Market

This has been an interesting summer in the gold market. There have been erratic and somewhat violent eruptions in the ongoing Greece situation which is exposing itself to be an all-out currency war. We have recently had China devaluate the…

A-Mark Bullion Update

Overnight, Chinese economic data revealed worse than expected GDP growth (y/y) for 2015 with the figure coming in at 6.90% versus 7.30% a year earlier.  It was the slowest growth rate for 25 years but the Shanghai Composite Index ended…


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