A-Mark Bullion Update

Gold was trading lethargically yesterday when a 9,500 lot (950,000 ounces) sweep on the electronic exchange yanked it from $1,186 all the way up to $1,200 in a matter of minutes.  This occurred right around the time of the PM fix and it was a much needed bullish move after the poor close gold had to finish last week.  Yesterday also represented the biggest volume day of the June gold contract with over 200,000 lots trading during the session.  The … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

Yesterday, economic data showed that sales of existing US homes rose by the highest amount since 2013.  The figure came in at 5.19 million annualized for the month of March which beat the median forecast by economists of 5.04 million.  The Mortgage Bankers Association also reported a 2.3% increase in mortgage applications on the week after a decrease for the previous week. The positive US data sent gold immediately lower.  Stops were triggered around $1,192 and gold made a swift … Read More »

The History of Gold

The history of gold is long and storied. Gold was first used as currency nearly 3,000 years ago, around 700 B.C. However, the metal was discovered and valued long before that. In fact, many civilizations from several thousands of years ago made mentions of gold in their texts or in artifacts left behind. Gold and silver were both valued to a degree as far back as 3100 B.C., in the code of Menes, from ancient Egyptian culture. Gold has also … Read More »

Keep Your Precious Metals Investments Simple

Give your investment portfolio power by keeping it simple! It is common knowledge within the investment community that diversifying one’s portfolio is the key to a bright financial future.  Diversification spreads risk across many assets so if one part of the portfolio is down, hopefully another part of the portfolio is up.  The same can be said when investing in precious metals, diversity is king.  For this reason we recommend keeping your precious metals investments simple and putting your money … Read More »

Pre-1933 Gold Coins, the Smart Choice

Gold as Money Gold has been a popular form of money for mankind for thousands of years.  In fact gold was used as money right here in the United States from 1795 to 1933.  But that trend stopped when something very interesting happened.  In 1933 under executive order 6102, then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered that all gold coins be turned into the government in lieu of paper money.  We did remain on a gold standard until 1971, but what … Read More »

Types of US Gold Coins

There are two different types of US gold coins that can be purchased, Collectible Coins and Bullion. A Collectible U.S. gold coin, also known as Numismatic Coins, is typically defined as a coin that was struck (or made) on or before 1933 and they usually have a collectible value to them because of their rarity along with their weight in gold value. Then in 1986 the United States government started to strike new gold coins and these are referred to … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

These are boring times for the precious metals… $1,200 has acted as a magnet for gold over the past month and the yellow metal has touched and traded on either side of the $1,200 handle in a tight range for the previous ten consecutive trading sessions.  Despite various big equity and currency moves as well as headlines concerning a Greek exit in recent weeks, gold just can’t seem to break out of its range.  Yesterday, US equities rallied over 1% … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

Gold kicked off the overnight session with a bearish tone.  Worse than expected economic data out of China caused the Asian market to steadily offer gold down.  Gold continued its descent lower into London trading hours and broke below support at $1,192.  Stops were ultimately triggered in the low $1,190s and gold made it all the way down to $1,183.50 basis the active June contract.  This was a previous area of support at the end of March so bids were … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

Gold’s bullish reaction on the Sunday open to Good Friday’s disappointing non-farm payrolls figures seems like a distant afterthought now.  Gold failed to break through the triple top at $1,224 on Monday and has now sold off for three consecutive trading sessions.  The Fed minutes were largely interpreted as bearish by gold investors this week.  It showed that members are divided on the timing of a rate rise with a few wanting an increase in June.  The USD has continued … Read More »

A-Mark Bullion Update

On Good Friday, US non-farm payrolls data showed a rise of 126,000 during March after a gain of 264,000 for February.  The March figure was far below the median forecast of 245,000 and non-farm payrolls for January and February were revised lower by a combined 69,000.  This would have been very bullish news for the precious metals if the market was actually open.  Because of Good Friday and the weekend though, the electronic exchange was closed from Thursday evening through … Read More »