Gold Prices, Buying Gold Heats Up For The Rest of 2014

Gold Prices July 2014 Gold prices fell about $3.60 per ounce the week of July 21, 2014, which equates to about 0.27%. The precious yellow metal ended the week at $1,308 per ounce, hanging on above the $1,300 mark, but is experiencing a late month slowdown following several straight weeks of gains in June and July. Let’s look at some recent strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for gold as we approach the end of the month. Glittering Strengths 2014 is … Read More »

Where to Hold Physical Metals and Cash

By: Lynette Zang Many people wonder where and how to hold their metals and cash. First permit me to say, that you must hold them in places you trust and feel comfortable with. Secondly think diversification, in other words, hold your metals in several places. And lastly, be creative. If you choose to hold some metals in your home, look around for obscure spaces. Since I no longer live in my condo, I’ll give you examples of how I held … Read More »

The Last Time I Sold Gold And Silver

The last time I sold any of my gold and silver assets, I was happy to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather put gold Canadian Maple Leafs and ten ounce silver bars into my safe rather than take them out, but there is definitely a comforting feeling knowing that you have wealth on hand when you need it, and gold coins and silver bars are definitely wealth. Perhaps the reason I found more gold coins and … Read More »

Does Ebay Have The Best Coin Prices?

As a writer of article blogs for ITM Trading, I am constantly reading trade articles, editorials, and posts related to the precious metals markets. Recently I came across an interesting piece published online that tracked some of the more common gold coin prices as well as the more common silver coin prices. When you choose to buy gold coins or buy gold bars, and especially if you buy gold coins online, price should be a consideration, but by no means … Read More »