Gold Coins Stack-Em High

Times change, but some things never do. This old adage can definitely be applied to owning gold. For throughout history, the majority of time owning gold and silver was seen as a true sign of wealth. Only kings and very rich men had vaults stuffed with gold coins and gold bars. Some notable figures throughout time have been collectors and admirers of rare coins as well. Today, those that choose an alternative route to saving in banking products and fiat … Read More »

Great Reasons To Own Gold

There are several great reasons to own gold, and in this article-blog I’ll explain exactly why gold won’t let you down in this world of fiat currencies. Perhaps first I should explain exactly what a fiat currency is however, because it always helps to fully understand the rules of the game before you start playing for high stakes, and this game may just have the highest stakes the world economy has ever seen. Fiat Currencies And Their Perfect History Of … Read More »

Could Gold Confiscation Happen Again?

Some say gold has absolutely no value other than for it’s industrial uses. Others say gold is the purest form of money and a true currency. Somewhere in-between these two camps lies the truth. Think about this for a moment though; the government of the United States has confiscated the gold from it’s citizens before, and why would they go through that much trouble if gold were truly just a “useless mineral”? Gold coins and gold bars were subject to … Read More »

The Best Silver Investment

If you are new to reading the article-blogs that I write for ITM Trading, then I should take a moment to tell you a little about myself. I began working with ITM Trading as a Senior Analyst on their trading floor back in 2008. My career in banking began in 1990, and in between the two jobs I held several positions for major companies such as Sheraton and OSI (Outback Steakhouse Inc.) and Honda of North America that demanded a … Read More »