Gold Market Secrets

Investing In Gold Recently I was reading through one of the reports that Lynette Zang of ITM Trading authored. Lynette has an uncommon ability to sift through mounds of economic data, and come up with solid information relevant to the gold market, and sometimes what she finds are the little gold market secrets that you are not supposed to know. What I’m about to share with you ultimately is true of gold futures, but when you buy gold coins, or … Read More »

How Peak Gold Effects Gold Prices

First of all, understanding peak gold is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact the word “peak” can be applied to all types of produce and commodities, it just so happens that “peak” is a little easier to apply to, and prove for, gold than other produce and commodities. The idea behind peak gold is that either more than half of the gold available for mining has been mined, or at least, all of the easy to mine … Read More »

Jim Rickards And Craig Griffin Talk About “The Death Of Money” And The Future Of Gold

Author Jim Rickards and President of ITM Trading Craig Griffin discuss gold and it’s role as a currency. Jim has worked with the CIA developing models and programs to thwart insider trading and terrorism. His unique and brilliant insights into the world of business and currencies will shed light on why you need to own gold as part of your financial portfolio. [youtube width=”400px” height=”300px”][/youtube]   Get Your Free Gold Guide or Shop For Gold and Silver  Online.

Ron Paul: Someday People Will Realize That Gold Is The Ultimate Money

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″][/youtube] “Long-term the market is more powerful than the Fed, more powerful than the politicians, if you print money believe me, the price of gold in terms of dollars will go up” – Ron Paul “I have coin collections and… numismatics (coins)” – Ron Paul

Gold Investment Options

There are those out there that will tell you that there are several gold investment options that are great because you don’t actually have you hold the physical gold, and I would caution you against listening further to these voices. Simply put, there are several gold investment options that don’t require you to take physical delivery of gold coins, rare gold coins or numismatic gold coins, but if you do not have physical possession of the physical yellow metal, you … Read More »

Why Invest In Gold

For the most part, when people ask themselves, “Why invest in gold?” there is usually only one answer first and foremost: profit. The general idea is buy in at low price, and hopefully sell it soon for a profit of 50% or so. Seems like a good idea, right? Maybe not so fast….If you have ever watched Shark Tank on TV, then you have seen Kevin O’Leary. He is also known as “Mr. Wonderful”, and you know exactly who he … Read More »

Submit Your Question For The Jim Rickards Interview Here

ITM Trading is proud to announce that Jim Rickards, Author of best-selling book “Currency Wars” and his new book “The Death of Money” will be joining Craig Griffin, Founder and President of ITM Trading, for an interview on Tuesday, April 15th, 2014. Craig wants to hear your questions for Jim Rickards. Hopefully we can get a couple of the best questions in front of Jim! To submit your question, leave it in the comment box below. You should submit your … Read More »

Kevin O’Leary From “Shark Tank” Explains Why He Owns Physical Gold

Learn About Investing Gold. Order Your Free Guide To Gold Investing [youtube width=”560″ height=”315″][/youtube] “I Like gold because in a way it’s a stabilizer, it’s an insurance policy…I’ve owned gold for decades…It’s the only security I own that doesn’t pay a dividend.” – Kevin O’Leary